Saturday, January 24, 2009

Highly Skilled Domestic Engineer

I always knew that being a mother would take incredible skill and stamina.

I knew that my endurance would be tested beyond imagination and I would have to dig deep within my personal knowledge and resources to develop highly important problem-solving strategies.

I knew that the functionality and the efficiency of the household was going to depend on me.

I knew that posterity depended on my ability to pass on these skills
 to my highly intelligent offspring so that they could function
with success and brilliance in the broad world around them.

I didn't know that some of motherhood skills were so highly-advanced and so incredible,
these feats could not be attempted by the father-figure of the household.

I didn't know how hard this passing on of brilliance and talent would be.

I didn't know that in some areas the skill

would be impossible to be passed on

and would be borne and used by me




Bathroom Number One


Bathroom Number Two

Bathroom Number Three

And, as I was chagrined to discover when this truck drove by -
professional help is NOT available.

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  1. Ah, their lack of participation may be caused by the question of 'should the roll be loaded so it pulls over the top or pulled from the bottom?" Such dilemmas can confuse even the most highly skilled individual.

  2. I have sometimes wondered what will happen in my daughter's home, because of this very dilemma. Then I remember my own mother's complaint.

  3. toilet paper is over rated, signed a too busy husband . . .


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