Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cat Feet Fog

We have been experiencing fog that lingers all day long. Usually, it greets us in the morning and burns off by early afternoon. It makes for beautiful scenery, but treacherous driving. The fog settles around your home, your street and your world like an unwanted hug that has lasted so long you are sqirming uncomfortabley.

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The White Fog Creeps From The Cold Sea Over The City
by Conrad Aiken

The white fog creeps from the cold sea over the city,
Over the pale grey tumbled towers,—
And settles among the roofs, the pale grey walls.
Along damp sinuous streets it crawls,

Curls like a dream among the motionless trees
And seems to freeze.

The fog slips ghostlike into a thousand rooms,
Whirls over sleeping faces,
Spins in an atomy dance round misty street lamps;
And blows in cloudy waves over open spaces . . .

And one from his high window, looking down,
Peers at the cloud-white town,
And thinks its island towers are like a dream . . .

It seems an enormous sleeper, within whose brain
Laborious shadows revolve and break and gleam.

And, a well-known favorite.......

Carl Sandburg
The fog comes
on little cat feet.
It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

Sara Teasdale surely understood the emotional impact of being oppressed by unrelenting weather.

Gray Fog
Sara Teasdale
A fog drifts in, the heavy laden
Cold white ghost of the sea —
One by one the hills go out,
The road and the pepper-tree.
I watch the fog float in at the window
With the whole world gone blind,
Everything, even my longing, drowses,
Even the thoughts in my mind.
I put my head on my hands before me,
There is nothing left to be done or said,
There is nothing to hope for, I am tired,
And heavy as the dead.

As the fog continues, I am choosing to enjoy it.
I will feel the fog wrapped around me like a cozy afghan,
I will enjoy presence of the watery mists that makes me
focus on only what is before me...

because I know I have much to hope for,
my hope is in the Lord,
who is muting my world
with His breath of love.

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  1. I like that last part about the fog the best. Many times God only lets us see what is right before us. That is all we can cope with . We "enjoyed" plenty of foggy days and nights in Ireland sometimes while driving we could not see but a few feet ahead This caused us to slow down and keep our eyes on the white line down the middle which we knew would keep us on our side of the road and bring us safely through. God has promised to be our guide for we walk by faith,, and not by sight.


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