Monday, January 26, 2009

Dreamin' of a White Valentine's Day?

Just when we thought we were ready to kiss winter goodbye, and rub that in to all the relatives in double-digits-below-zero-Minnesota, we were surprised yet again on Sunday. It was a light but crunchy and slippery snow, useful only to look at and to make you fall down the stairs. We're wondering if we'll have any more white holidays... This view is just to make all the mid-westerners laugh at what we think is a lot of snow.
My winter cheer - no matter how gray the skies, how white the snow, how wet the rain, the heather endures it all and gives me something to look at and enjoy during the drabbest months.
I also cheer myself with the knowledge that our snow doesn't last - unlike those in the midwest who will be enduring until March.....or April.....or maybe May?????
I loved the new cushions on my patio furniture, but, they only lasted about 24 hours. Today we had a lovely 41 degree day and most of the snow is already gone. Not to rub it in, or anything, that the snow is almost

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