Saturday, January 3, 2009

Beka's Tea Party With Daddy

Daddy made a list of things he wanted to do during his ten-day Christmas vacation.
He fixed things, made things, visited friends, had friends over,
ate sushi and explored Seattle with his family.

But, there was one extra-special item on his list,
making cookies with Rebekah using her new Easy Bake oven.
Beka was excited about her Daddy time,
but I think she was a little skeptical about his culinary skills.

They begin by gathering all their tools, Daddy reading all the directions.
Did you read that correctly?
A man reading all the directions.
It was a great moment for more than one reason.

Beka is being powdered with flour to keep the dough from sticking from her hands
 as she rolled the Easy Bake dough into six very small cookies.

"Daddy, I don't think you know what you are doing," Beka had giggled skeptically at this time.

Dad's great advice was to eat the dough off her hands. MMM good!
This isn't your typical culinary school, as you can imagine.

Beka is using the special wand to guide the pan into the oven.
Daddy cautioning her to not push it out the other end.

"Rebekah, these are perfect," Daddy affirmed and drooled at the same time.

At about $3 per bag, the cost came to about $.50 per bite, but all together,
I figure it wasn't expensive, it was priceless.

Somebody is using very good manners during this tea party.
She is also enjoying the chocolate milk, because Mommy never buys it.
(Mommy doesn't let her lick her hands in the kitchen, either,
but sometimes you just get to break the rules.)

Someone is using very bad manners during this tea party.Daddy is slurping the chocolate milk because he carelessly poured too much.

But, despite this social faux pas, Daddy can be totally commended for
making very special cookies
and very special memories
with his very special little girl.

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