Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Chairs are Ready for Thanksgiving

Last year I had this vision.

I wanted to create small wreaths to hang on the back of each dining room chair.

The wreaths just couldn't be found.

The local craft stores were scoured,
they just weren't selling the size and kind I envisioned.

I checked online.
If I could find the size I wanted,
I didn't wanted to pay their price.

I gave up.

The Thanksgiving food was still delicious,
despite barren chairs.

This summer I found the wreaths.

They were $.25 each at a thrift store,
and there were just enough for my chairs.

Praise the Lord!

I had some of my fall fabric left.

The same scalloped decorative stitch was sewn along
the edges, and the material was unraveled.

I had some of my silk flowers left.

And I created these.

The fabric strips are simple pinned over the chair with brooches,
mostly vintage.

The long-dreamed vision,
has become a reality.

Even my dining room chairs are ready for the holidays.

Maybe one of these days I should start thinking about the food...

Wanna see what I did next?


  1. I love the wreaths!! Been looking for some for around here... gonna have to head to the thrift stores! ;)

  2. So very Martha Stewart looking. LOVE IT!

  3. They are beautiful! What a great idea.

  4. Mindy I love it!!! you always are so crafty.

  5. Wow. You are very imaginative and very can do!
    Haven't heard from you in such a long while. How are you keeping health wise? Hope all is going well. If you are planning Thanksgiving in the US then the end of the year is very near!

  6. Your wreaths are so pretty -what a welcoming touch -you know they say we must wait for all good things:-)


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