Thursday, November 11, 2010

Good News and Bad News

Isn't that just the way life is? 
There is always good news,
and there is always bad news.

We like to hear the good news first,
it gives us a sense of preparation for the inevitable.

The good news has to do with my own cancer.
(last cancer post)

I just received results from three month labwork,
and my Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) is lower.
Not as low as we want it, but it lowered enough to make us happy.
We don't want the thyroid stimulated,
because any thyroid cells are cancer cells.
We want them to chill out.

My thyroid antibodies are very, very low.
This is very, very good. 

Everything indicates my three small thryoid tumors are not growing.

To accomplish this, we boosted my dosage of  artificial thyroid hormone, Levoxyl,
after my last three month blood work when the TSH had been slowly rising.

Being hyperthyroid is a bit challenging.
I am a bit more jittery and easily startled.
It affects my sleep a little, and I am either hot or cold.

If you are too high, you can cause damage to your body.
If you are too low, you create an environment that grows cancer.
It's like standing in the middle of an old-fashioned teeter-totter,
 trying not to slam one side down too hard.

I also am low on calcium and vitamin D,
so I need to improve on my vitamin taking regime.

My bloodwork and a sonogram will be repeated in three months to check the tumors.

The verse the Lord gave me for my third cancer journey.

As happy as I am about my news,
I feel  guilty and grieved when I face the news my friend Carrie just received.
She had an itchy mole on her back about two months ago.
She was wise enough to see a dermatologist.

invasive malignant melanoma

She is a homeschooling mommy of four who longs to be a gramma someday.

I have so cherished the encouragement and prayers of my blogging community,
it brings  a sense of hope and encouragement to my cancer life.

So, I ask you to add one more name to your prayers and your heart,
She is married to Todd, they have Ellen, Ben, Matthew and Olivia.

I Peter 4: 19
"Let those who suffer
according to the will of God
commit their souls to Him
in doing good,
as to a faithful Creator."

If it was the will of the Father,
for the Son to suffer for me,
then I accept the will of the Father,
for me to suffer for the Son.

You may not feel like your trials are as big as cancer,
but they still are trials.
It isn't a contest.
Trials are allowed by the Lord,
and are for our good and glorification.
Anything big enough to cause you to worry,
is big enough to pray about.

May you have strength for your trials,
a song in your heart,
and praise on your lips.

Brethren, be streadfast, immovable, always abounding
in the work of the Lord.

Thank you for praying.

Philippians 1:3
"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you."


  1. I will pray now for your friend, Carrie. How heartbreaking and scary for this young family. May the Lord work in their hearts to help them trust Him. Also a miracle for the children to feel His comfort at young ages.

    Praise the Lord for your good news. You are such a blessing and comfort to so many suffering, I am thankful the Lord has given you this gift of good news. I will continue to pray!

  2. I've been praying for you and Carrie off and on all day. I'm glad your news is good, and I'll pray for balance. Tell Carrie I'll keep praying for her, does she have a blog? I figure not because you didn't mention it.

    Congrats on the newest grandchild on the way. I'm excited! Jana is such a sweetheart of a mommy.

  3. Have just now committed Carrie to the Lord and given praise and thanks for your results. May he continue to uphold you both.

  4. Stay strong you too. The Lord is with both. I'll say a prayer for the two of you.

  5. The "c" word is just so overwhelming.

    Praying right now for your friend, and you as well.


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