Friday, November 12, 2010

Can You Guess My Secret?

In case you haven't read my blog lately,
I've been preparing for Thanksgiving
for the past 216 days.

I've been sewing and crafting and had my house ready
almost three weeks early.

I just felt driven,
 like a woman on a mission.

Most of the time, I take these things from the Lord.

The first time I felt driven to finish school in April instead of May,
I ended up being diagnosed with cancer and had surgery the first week of June.

The second time I had that feeling to accomplish much,
I had my second surgery.

I was prompted to buy a doll I didn't need on clearance,
only to have surprise company from Alaska that night.
They had an adorable two year old daughter.

The whole time I was preparing my house,
I kept wondering why.
I know my MIL was coming for Thanksgiving,
but the drive was so strong.
I knew there was something.
(I was praying it wasn't a medical reason!)

Today I found out why.

It has to do with my house looking like this....

...and my cat sitting in one of these.

And I'm too busy to tell you the rest,
but I can give you a  hint.


  1. I'm guessing your grandkiddos made an unexpected visit. :-) What fun!

  2. Fun blog! I love the God-sent "coincidences" (does that many any sense?) that have happened to you.

  3. much fun..having children that have grandparents affar I know what a wonderful suprise and treat this must be!

  4. Oh, how I wish I could take my kidlets to visit their grandparents. Sometimes Army life is stinky.


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