Sunday, November 7, 2010

MM Meditation - Master, Where Dwellest Thou?

John 1:38-39

38 Then Jesus turned, and saw them following,
and said unto them,
What seek ye?
They said unto him, Rabbi, (Master)
Where dwellest thou?

39 He said unto them, Come and see.
They came and saw where he dwelt,
and abode with him that day:
 for it was about the tenth hour.


The Lord asked those that were physically following Him what they wanted.

They answered with their own question, "Where dwellest thou?"

They came, they saw, and they abode.

Today's believer's might have said, "Oh, no, you go on ahead, I only stay at 5 star hotels."

"What, no down-filled duvets, just mats on the earthen floor?"

"I think I'll just stop and pick up something to eat on the way, she might only be offering bread."

"I'm not sure my spiritual gifts will really be utilized in that small home."

Was this a test? Was the Lord just checking to see if they really would follow Him completely?

Following Jesus is dwelling as He dwelt, in the sense of willfully and joyfully accepting the circumstances of our life, as He accepted the circumstances of His life. I am not saying we all should own one set of clothes and be homeless, but we should have His same mindset in responding to our life.

As we follow Him, He may call some of us to follow Him into similar circumstances.

Some believers do go through a time of homelessness, as Jesus did. He had no place to lay His head.

Some believers do go through a time of financial loss and hardship. The Lord sent Peter fishing to have enough money to pay His taxes.

Some believers go through physical suffering, the Lord suffered all physical pains on the cross. There was not one part of His body that did not suffer during the crucifixion; there is not one ailment He cannot relate to.

Some believers go through severe heartbreaks in relationships, hurt the most by the ones they had loved the most.  The Lord suffered Judas' kiss and Peter's denial, not to mention the pain every human has inflicted upon Him with denial and disbelief.

Following Him is following the life He had, one of suffering, pain, loss and hardship.  If he had lived in a beautiful home, we might have the right to expect that.

If He lived a life of perfect health, we might have the right to expect that.

If He lived a life of wealth, we might have the right to expect that.

We need to be as these believers.
We need to go where He leads.
We need to understand and accept our circumstances.
We need to abide in the situation He has placed us, not just physicially, but spiritually.

When pressed for their true intention,   they asked the Lord, with hearts to follow -

"Master, Where Dwellest Thou?"


  1. So true. The "going thing" nowadays is the prosperity teaching. Like we are entitled to it b/c we are Christians! But that is not what Jesus taught or lived, and Paul, as well. We Americans need to really think about what being a Christian is all about!



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