Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prairie Pedicure

If you've been traveling with me on the Prairie Journey,
you've viewed Prairie Petals
walked the Prairie Path,
and experienced my Prairie Pain.

Now, after walking through the Prairie,
you probably need a fresh pedicure.

When I first arrived at Janet's farm,
 citified and primped like a city girl,
I had to help pick peas for hours.

OK, it felt like hours.

My makeup was melting,
the Fuschia Bling Bling on my toes was getting dusty,
and I actually was sweating.

It was hard to believe that only six short years ago,
I was a country girl.
I could hardly remember how to pick peas.

I'm kinda' used to buying them now.

Because I had to do a "farm" thing with her,
she promised to do a "city" thing with me.

Janet didn't know what she was agreeing to.

It had been in the 90's in Dakota Territory,
OK, it's actually been North Dakota for a few years,
and we had to deliver this stock tank to the pasture.

It needed to be filled up, obviously.

She looks like a fireman, because she is one -
 a volunteer for one of those little towns
you all drive through and wonder who would live there.
Yea, she calls herself a fireman.
She doesn't need to be PC, because she is respected for what she does.

We returned later without hubby,
because he just wouldn't understand.
I think he had to check the crops,
or check the weather,
or something farmery like that.

The pedicure process has been adapted to fit her prairie lifestyle.

Remove boots.
Don't they look like they could just walk away on their own?

Maybe ya' didn't know,
but a cowgirl's boots rank right up there in affection
with her husband and her horse,
 but not always in that order.

Soak feet.

Splash because you are having some crazy fun.

Notice the horses were scared away?

Use the finger-nail clipper your city-slicker friend
carries in her luggage purse.

Walk carefully through the pasture,
making sure a lot of mud gets on the bottom of your feet.

Before you go "eww" you should read up on the benefits of mud packs.
Mud is used to treat internal malfunctions,
 acne,fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, sunburn and prickly heat,
just to name a few.

On the internet, you can order mud with various mineral contents
and varying benefits from exotic countries.

Or, you could save the high fee, shipping and handling,
and walk through my friend's pasture,
avoiding the freshest horse doo-doo.

Yes, she is exfoliating with hay imported from the mowed ditch.
It might be straw.
Not sure if I know the difference.

Exfoliation is necessary to remove older skin and promote cell growth.
It also gets the manure off.
And you thought fenceposts were just for holding onto the barbed wire.

Let your friend push back cuticles,
did out some ND permadirt and gumbo,
paint on some stunning color,
apply decals,
and top with a clear coat,
so it will last through harvest.

Sit back and put your feet up on your desk and admire
the Prairie Pedicure.

It's almost enough to keep a country girl from putting her boots back on.

I said, almost.


  1. Hahaha ~ That looks like wonderful fun!
    We're praying about getting our family out to the country. It's such a healthy place for people to be.

  2. I got the email about your blog but didn't have time to read it. At first glance tho I saw the word pedicure and thought, hmm thats wierd.. Mom hates pedicures! But then I sat down later and read the whole blog. Thats more like a pedicure you would like!!! I like this Prairie series. Very you

  3. Did you want me to send you a photo of the pedicure now? Well, let's just say it didn't last thru harvest. :) Well, maybe it would have if we could have finished last week but it's been raining for 6 days now and we have 6 quarters of wheat standing out there yet. Pray for sunshine and heat units for us!

    love ya!

  4. Sorry, that post was supposed to show my name, not anonymous. Not very good with the mouse I guess. Come back anytime and bring some of your "citified" friends along.
    Loved having you visit!

    Miss you! And we need to plan that "girls" weekend!

  5. Wow. Your daughter has acclimated well to country life. That is intense, but I'm glad you gave her a pedicure. What a neat time!

  6. Wonderful blog, loved reading it, I enjoyed being in ND in July with Janet and her family, a bunch of kind, adorably sweet, hardworking people. Being a somewhat city slicker myself, I wouldn't make it on the hard working farm life.


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