Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Company Only Company Towels

After 25 years of marriage,
our love is strong,
but our towels are trashed.

Nothing lasts like they used to,
especially when the towels are used inside, outside,
 and at the beach.

They are taken to Bible camp, and if they return,
they are never in the same shape.

They have been stained by make-up and make-up remover,
fingerpaints and wall paint,
bleach and Silly Putty.

It was embarrassing to set out towels for the guests.

"Would you like towels with bleach spots or
towels with unraveling edges?"

I bought a set of company towels,
but once in the linen closet,
they became fair game.

They soon blended in with the rest of the
family towels.
Now they are stained with make-up and
 go to Bible camp every year.

So, I bought

Company Only Company Towels.

I also bought a set of  wicker baskets with liners
to slide under the couch for company only supplies.
(Another basket holds the company bed sheets.)

Under the row of washcloths are two hand towels.
They even match and aren't stained.

When overnight company comes to our home,
 the basket goes into the room they're staying in.

When company leaves, the towels are returned to the basket,
covered to keep clean, and slid back under the couch.

Oh, yea, I  do wash them first
before I put them back in the
Company Only Company Towel Basket.

I knew you were wondering,
just in case you come to stay with our family,
and needed a towel...


  1. That's funny--I did the same thing this summer. I now have a basket of towels that is hidden away, only for company! What a relief!

  2. haha. When we moved I got rid of all things threadbare (there's not much left!) We are now using company towels daily. I'll let you know how long they last.

  3. Great idea Mindy. I'm going to have to ponder this one and see what I can come up with.

  4. The last time I had company come I went to our bin of "wedding gift towels" and gave them new. I've only been at this for 6 years though... ;) and only been to camp 3 times since the wedding.

  5. Hey! I'm awarding you the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out at my homeschool blog!


  6. That looks lovely, Mindy. I have my visitors towels stashed. After 25 years of marriage, I actually had to buy them fresh, too. I do like the hospitable look of your basket.


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