Sunday, July 4, 2010

MM Meditation - Looking Unto Jesus

by C.H. Mackintosh

How sweet is fellowship with a risen Christ, and why is it that we know so little of it? Because we are occupied with our own things, we indulge ourselves, and we have the eye turned upon self and its actions. The result is a dimmed spiritual vision. When this happens, we must devote time to the business of self-judgment that might have been spent on holy and happy fellowship with Him.

The moment the eye is turned off from Christ, darkness sets in. Only when the eye is single (whole) will this not happen. (Luke 11:34) What is a single eye but one having Christ as its object. Words cannot convey the power and blessedness of having Jesus ever before the heart as an object!

When He stands before our hearts as our absorbing and satisfying object, we will have both peace and power - peace for the conscience and power over the affections. When the conscience has sweet repose in the blood, the affections can find their full play around the Person of Jesus. Then, as we continue to gaze upon Him through the power of the Holy Spirit, His image will appear in our lives practically.

Remember the appearance of Christ in our lives is the only true Christianity! There is plenty of religion in this world, but alas, how little true Christianity. Why is this?

Simply because Christ is not known, not loved, sought only for salvation. As we occupy ourselves with the world's pleasures, its politics, or its religion, we become weak and low spiritually - these things certainly are not Christ!

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