Friday, July 16, 2010

Making Memories

This summer,
I have been slightly obsessed with lists.

I started out the summer by making

I blogged the  victory when I conquered

Then, I conquered the list from my desk.

I conquered another weekly To-Do  List.

Now, I am going to start working on the list of fun stuff
 I wanna' do this summer.
The list is tucked away in

I love the feeling of accomplishment,
when I cross the last item off a list,
but accomplishment doesn't always equate memories.

 I've learned, as my kids get older,
I don't look back on my life
 and marvel at how many lists I conquered in days gone by.

I look back and remember the times we
jumped on the trampoline,
made popsicles,
covered the sidewalk with chalk drawings,
walked to Dairy Queen for a high-cal snack,
read a good book on a blanket under the cedar tree,
slept in the tent,
slept on the trampoline,
explored a new store or park.

So, I will keep whittling away at the work lists,
but my heart's desire for the rest of the summer
is to make memories that my children will cherish.

Memories are mind treasures,
for them to   pull out and enjoy.

They are experiences painted upon their hearts
with love and joy.

As a squirrel stores away nuts for a winter,
they can be their sustenance through dreary times.

Memories can even become storehouses of wisdom,
because someday my children might be spouses and parents,
and use our family adventures
as a pattern for their own traditions.

Let's make some memories!


  1. Amen, girl! I love making lists and crossing things off, but really, the things you treasure are the memories.

    Have you seen the"List Making Mama" blog? She has lists that you can use for EVERYthing. You can find a link to her blog if you look at the buttons on my sidebar.

  2. I've been thinking along the same thoughts lately. Enough productivity obsession==yes, I like lists also. Time to make some memories!


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