Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I've Never Been Off Road Before!

She can fit smugly into the smallest parking spot,
between the worst parkers in suburbia.

She can haul bags and bags of groceries bravely to my home.

She can tolerate the rare summer sun scorching her interior,
when her hard shell is at home.

She can weave in an out of rush-hour traffic
with the skill of a slalom skier.

But,  like the 4x4's on the movie CARS,
my little baby hasn't been off-road much.

On our Adventure Day with Daddy,
we had to try out the 4x4 on an open logging road.

It was an adventure,
but not quite as fun
as finding a garage sale
with antique dishes.

We didn't get off to a very good start.

People that want to go driving in the mountains,
shouldn't leave their drink on their vehicle.

Like a red-neck carnival ride,

my baby went up and over,
up and over,
up and over,
many of these huge dips in the road.

The little boy was thrilled.
The little girl wasn't.

She didn't understand the concept of taking a perfectly good vehicle,
on a perfectly bouncy road.

I think my Baby is smiling.

Looking back,
these dips weren't really that big.

Maybe we need to get off-road a little more often.

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  1. Nice Wrangler!
    We drive a Cherokee.
    Jeep's are beginning to run in our family...


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