Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Adventure Day With Daddy

I am a prophetess. 
This is an email I sent to my daughter on a Friday evening.


today we are just gunna go out for an adventure. ya' know dad. put some stuff in the van. bring a book. pay too much money at a gas station for food you shouldn't be eating.  drive until you find a place to sit by the water and enjoy the scenery while dad snores. :)

at the end of the day, you have a perfect day of memories to carry you through.

missing you but thankful you are serving the Lord.

This is what happened Saturday.
pay too much money at a gas station for food you shouldn't be eating.

The kids are laughing in sheer guilty pleasure,
and Dad is holding the mile-long receipt.
He let them buy Skittles, pop,
and those nasty powdered sugar donuts.

Mom NEVER lets them buy that stuff.

But, after years of self-denial,
those little powdered sugar babies tasted great!


until you

find a place to sit  by the water and enjoy the scenery

while Dad snores.

No pics of me reading,
but I was enjoying the book I brought.

 I forgot to mention to Beth that Rebekah
would create an imaginary world to enjoy,

complete with flowers,

and a way to travel to another beautiful place.

She found a large stick to paddle her rock canoe
to another adventure in her mind.

at the end of the day,

you have a perfect day of memories to carry you through.

The kids have had to learn how to enjoy an
Adventure Day with Dad.

He doesn't usually have a specific plan,
he just likes jumping in the car,
and driving until something exciting happens.

It can drive some of them crazy.

They want to know-
"Where are we going?"
"What are we going to do when we get there?"
And, of course-
"How long till we get there?"

Sometimes they bicker.
Sometimes they fuss to get their own way.
Sometimes they aren't content with their snacks.
They've learned that when they get along,
are content and trust Daddy,
the journey and destination will be amazing.

He wants to do something special for them.
He wants them to have a good time.
He wants them to trust him,
understanding his underlying desires for them,
and not bother him with doubts and anxieties on the way.

How do we behave
as children of the Heavenly Father?

He's taking us on life's journey.

Are we are so busy asking questions and doubting,
that we're forgetting to look out the windows
and enjoy the journey before we get to our heavenly destination?

Can we not bicker?
Can we be content?
Can we trust His path?

 A phrase from 3 John 1:6 should be our life's theme -

"...journey in a manner worthy of God..."


  1. Is he the kind of guy that says - when coming upon an unexpected detour enroute- something like; "Ahh, ha. We're taking the
    Secret Agent route"?

    Making the detour an even more imagined trip?? or mysterious??

  2. What a great Dad. My Dad was known for these types of trips on Sunday afternoons too. He however, would not have been sleeping but instead he would have been swimming like the happiest fish in the river and dragging us all in too. :) Happy days.

    Good challenge as well. I fail the "happy camper" quiz quite often. :(


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