Thursday, January 28, 2010

Plans for an Unplanned Journey

Six years ago, we left 40 years of midwest living  and moved to the westcoast. 

It was a planned journey.
Very planned.

We packed, organized, gave away things.
We sold our house and arranged to rent a new one. 
I returned all my friends' Tupperwares,
my daughters returned their friends' clothes.
We even returned our library books.
I bought snacks and presents for the trip.
I packed special surprises into some of the boxes.
We enjoyed going away parties.
We gave and received presents from friends.

I made list after list,
determined to have no surprises,
no stone unturned.

I wanted the moving journey to be an adventure, an experience,
 a life-changing and faith-growing time for our family.
I knew planning well would accomplish this in our lives.

Six months after settling into our new destination,
we began another journey.
An unplanned journey.
A journey of faith.
My journey with thyroid cancer.

My friend, Kirsti, "gave" this verse to me in a card.  I clung to the promise, 
so as I approach another phase of the journey,
 I bought a plaque for my desk for a daily reminder.

It's a journey that may have rests along the way,
but no immediate end in view.
I know one sure cure for cancer,
but I am not ready to die yet.  :)

In October, I was given the word remission,
but I knew it was more of an emotional break my doctor knew I needed.

Two weeks ago I had my routine follow-up bloodwork.
Some numbers weren't what they should be.
Not drastic, but not good, not what they need to be to fight cancer
 and to assure I don't have cancer growing in my body.
Today, my husband is accompanying me to the hospital for further testing. 
I will be getting a chest x-ray, a sonogram on the lumps on my neck (they just never all go away)
and  a PET/CT scan.

Because my cancer has metasticized twice already,
 there has always been the concern it would return to other areas,
like the chest.

Part of me just never wants to worry about anything, just deal with it as it comes.
Another part of me knows that I can't go into something unprepared.
I need to plan.

I think of these times of unknowing as my Gethsemene times.
I am waiting in the Garden,
knowing what I could be facing,
but saying
"Not my will, O Lord, but thine."
But, I do pray for healing.

So, I plan for the journey.
I plan to be prospered,
to not be harmed,
 to be given a hope and a future.

Because, I want the cancer journey to be an adventure, an experience,
a life-changing and faith-growing time for our our family.
Because, I know His plans will accomplish this in our lives.

Halleluia, we serve a wonderful God!
Praise Him with me today!


  1. Prayers going heavenward for you my friend. His grace is sufficient and your testimony of faith is an evidence of that wonderful promisd. I too will ask that the Lord heal you, but ultimately that his will be done, for your good and for his glory.

  2. I will keep you in my prayers today. What a wonderful post. I know you love the Lord and trust Him.

  3. Mindy, I will be praying for you all day today and from here on out. I too am going through a time where I am waiting on God and trusting that his plans will help me prosper and that his plans will not harm me. I have clung to some verses that have brought me comfort. I'm sure you know them already, but here they are:

    Psalm 27:14 Wait on the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord

    Psalm 40:1 I waited patiently on the Lord and he turned to me and heard my cry.

    John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

    Prayers will be coming from Nebraska for you this day. I must tell you, I have a dear friend in Kansas who is dealing with a very sick child. Since I can't be with her, I text her a verse every day. I told her it was my way of hugging her from all these miles away. I hope you will feel my hugs in the verses I sent you this morning. (And, I will also be praying for your daughter and her nightmares....nothing kills a mother's heart like a terribly scared kid!)

    I look forward to learning of your results.

  4. Prayed for you as a body Wednesday night and will continue to pray for you at our green pastures.

  5. My heart is saddened for the pain and fear that you must be going through. My prayers are with you today. God is already growing you in His grace in the knowledge of Him through this trial. You have already been an amazing testimony for the glory of God and I will pray that you will further share with others of God's grace, His comfort, and the gospel.

  6. Hi Mindy,

    Be comforted today knowing that you have so many sisters and brothers praying for you!

    You are healed by the power of the blood of Jesus, we believe together that the symptoms will leave your body and will not return!

    Your faith is a testimony to all you know! xxx

  7. Praying for you, Mindy! May you feel the Lord close beside you, my friend!

  8. Oh my!! We are praying! And YES, I have to get there! We can start with the mending pile first, if you like!

  9. Dear Mrs. Peltier,
    I am praying for you et al. I hope it goes well today.
    I love you~ philia.

    Remember, God's sunshine is still shining above those NW clouds. :)
    What an encouragement you are. as a mommy, a follower of the Lord Jesus, etc.


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