Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gender Identification Advice

Kids say the most embarrassing things at the worst possible moments.

When the whole family was in the car, along with a family friend,  Beka decided to offer gender identity advice after spotting  horses grazing on the side of the road.

"I know how to tell a girl horse from a boy horse."

Before I could decide if I wanted to hear her answer,

divert the conversation to something more appropriate,

change the subject,

or give a lecture on discretion,

she completed her thought.

"Girls have long hair and boys have short hair."


I wonder if they teach this at the veterinary medical programs.


  1. What a cutie. I'm sure that is what they teach at vet school!

  2. LOVE IT!!! I know just want you can get you to sweatin' bullets, can't they? I found out that the last time we had a baby-sitter here my four year old asked her if she was a boy or a girl!! (And if she peed standing up or sitting down....) Thank God she was an understanding girl!!

  3. This is a classic. Your little experience made me laugh. So, did yours, Jaime!


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