Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who's My Princess?

We celebrated a birthday over the weekend.

Can you guess who was the birthday honoree?
Bethany?  No!
Grace?  No!
Rebekah?  No!

Look closer into the Princess frame....
...it was Scott's 46th birthday.

Before you get riled up, you have to understand, HE picked out his own cake.
Because he could.
Because he has four princesses for daughters.
Poor Jon and Dan weren't well represented.

So, we had to bring in the artillery.

We set up for the party, then didn't have time to celebrate.
We were invited out to a nice dinner on Friday and gorged ourselves on seafood and exotic deserts.
Saturday, the girls were invited to someone else's party.
For two days we kinda picked at the back of the cake, nibbling, tasting, enjoying,
then blamed it on Jon's army guys.

I think this was more fun than his Redneck Birthday party.
We created hats out of newspapers, all wore plaid shirts and holey jeans,
and I made a pinata out of a brown bag and duct tape.
The tablecloth was also newspapers and we used plain white paper plates.

We told Redneck jokes.....

You know you're a redneck when your comb has more teeth than your wife.

This often happened when the kids were growing up, too.

We celebrated each birthday with a meal of their choosing, a cake and gifts. 
Many times, we didn't have time to do all three on the same night.
We had a busy schedule with homeschooling five kids,  Sunday and Wednesday evening church, home Bible studies, and company.

They might get the meal one night,
the present another,
the cake another.

I always felt bad about this until one of the kids made a random comment about how Mom and Dad made their birthdays SO special because we celebrated for DAYS!

This is what heavy artillery does to a cake. 
Oh, it was so good, vanilla cake with cream cheese filling and butter cream frosting.

The Grand Finale.
Dishes the Man Way.
We rolled everything up in the tablecloth and threw it away.

This is Scott's dream for Thanksgiving some year,
buying real dishes from the thrift store and throwing them ALL away,
 to the shock and awe of our company.

Now, THAT would be something worth blogging about.

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  1. He just had Karis' dream birthday cake. Everytime we go to our store we check out the beeeuuutiful cakes and Karis asks if we can get the princess one. She will love the pictures when I show her!


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