Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sportin' Minnie Pearl Type Faith

A few weeks ago, daughter Bethany insisted on taking me shopping. 

For clothes.

I generally don't like shopping, unless I am going to a thrift store to look for anything vintage or any dishes from the ....ummmm.....errrr........aahhhhhh......"several" sets of dishes  I am collecting.

I especially don't like shopping for clothes.  I especially don't like shopping for clothes for me.  While some women feast on clothes, I am in a famine.  I might buy one pair of jeans every year, will buy a few new shirts, an occasional blazer and every five or ten years a new jean skirt.

So, when Bethany took me shopping, she made me try on these jeans.  Then she made me try on a new shirt. Then, she made me buy them.

A week later, I was excited when I got a last minute invitation to a planned dinner event, "Oops, sorry, Honey, I forgot to tell you...." because I already had something to wear.

I ran out to the living room to show Bethany my new outfit, and realized I was Minnie Pearl Style. I had forgotten to take off the price tags.

It reminded me of time Scott and I eating in an elegant Mediterranean restaurant, enjoying a wonderful breakfast buffet.  A beautiful woman walked by our table, her brown, curly hair bouncing to the confident staccato beat of her high heeled shoes, and a size 12 decal screaming all the way down the side of her leg….

I made sure the stickers came off.

A lot of my shoes have thrift store tags on them.  This pair is no exception.  I was thrilled to find identical shoes - new! - to replace my favorite pair of brown heels.  At least this store has stickers.  I have a pair of black sandals with the markered price "$3.99" on the bottom of the shoe.  I have to remember to sit crossed left over right, and not right over left.

When the  price tags  showed, they gave evidence of the cost of my jeans and shoes. In my case, they  showed stingy I am.

But, there's something I wear that was very, very costly. In fact, it's so expensive, I couldn’t have purchased it with my own money.  It's so valuable, it can't be replaced.

It can't be stolen. It won't fade or wear out.  It'll never lose its value. It'll never be out of style.

There's a bigger price tag place on my life….

1 Corinthians 6:20
For you were bought at a price;
therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit,
which are God’s.

All aspects of our lives need to show we were purchased with something precious. We should show our spiritual price tag.

*how we spend our time….reading Bible, praying, fellowshipping, worshipping
*how we spend our money - giving to the Lord, supporting missionaries, serving the saints, meeting needs
*how we speak and think - the words of our mouths and meditations of our hearts be acceptable in His sight (Psalm 19:14)
*how we treat our family, friends, neighbors, strangers
*how we use our gifts, talents, abilities
*how we use our homes, cars, belongings

If we're wearing HIS price tag, our bodies are not our own. They belong to Him. That's why it's only reasonable we live for Him.

If we buy something and someone else takes it, we call it stealing. If He purchases us and we don't live for Him, we are stealing from Him.

If we turn out to be faulty goods, there are no returns. He always loves each purchase, they are precious because of the cost.  (Remember, He knew we were faulty, that's why He purchased us.)

If we're dissatisfied, He never is.  He always remains faithful.

The price tags on my clothes?
          They need to go.

The price of my salvation, the precious blood of Jesus?
          That needs to show.


  1. I just love how you turn everyday experiences into spiritual lessons.

  2. Excellent! Thanks you. I feel challenged to make Jesus' love for me show more.

    The jeans looked great too :)

  3. I find your blog an inspiration. We should be able to see the Lord in everyday things. I strive to do this but at times it is difficult. Yet I know if we do we will see how blessed we are. I have a blog where I am attempting to make those amazing connections. Would you be willing to read it and give me some advice on how to improve it. My blog is I would greatly appreciate input. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think. Thanks!


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