Friday, March 18, 2011

BRRRaseBRRall S-S-S-Season

Baseball season has officially started. 
We sat through our first game on Thursday night,
and barely escaped hypothermia.

Sitting on cold metal bleachers from 8 -10pm
proves some serious dedication from parents.

We could see our breath.
I haven't seen my breath more than a few times since we
moved from the North Dakota/Minnesota border.
I don't miss seeing my breath.
I miss seeing my shadow, but not my breath.

As you can tell from my title, our teeth were chattering.

Last year we had a very, very cold season. It rained a lot.
The year before we had a cold, cold season.  It rained a lot.
Come to think of it, every season has been cold and it has rained a lot.

We learned they don't cancel games because of rain.
They only cancel  if the field gets puddles.
It can drizzle for hours and hours before there is
enough accumulated water to cancel a game.

We learned umbrellas, blankets and handwarmers aren't enough.
A propane heater is on our shopping list for this season.


We've leaned baseball season is more than just
freezing while you watch your kid.
It's watching your kid get beaned by a baseball,
sometimes more than once in a game.

We've learned that baseball is sitting in the stands with your family,
(click on link to watch a video of my adorable granddaughter cheering)
eating some healthy and not-so-healthy snacks,
and trying to cheer respectfully, even when you don't like a call.

I've learned important life lessons while watching the umpire.

Last year, Rebekah joined softball. 
I can't believe I didn't blog about it. 
She plays first base and catcher, just like I did as a girl.

I am thrilled my kids chose to play my favorite sport.

It makes it a lot easier to sit on those cold, hard, metal bleachers
because baseball season is really, really cold, and it rains a lot.


  1. We are thinking about softball or soccer for Karis. I'm hoping that those bleachers won't be quite so cold here in Iowa! :-)

  2. Don't you know that baseball players love mud and rain makes mud? Oh, we Loved those games! So much fun to try to see all three boys on three different teams at the same time.


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