Thursday, March 17, 2011

God Writes On Yellow Paper

We know God speaks to us through the Bible.

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God...

The word inspiration is a compound word of two Greek words-
God + breathe.

We know He speaks to us through men who are gifted to teach the Word.

 If anyone speaks, let him speak as the
 oracles (utterances) of God.

We know He speaks to us through the Holy Spirit,
whispering love and encouragement with that still, small, Voice.

And sometimes, He speaks through

a card with thoughts of encouragement,
(from Bevy)

 or a card written with love.
(from Tandis)

Sometimes, He speaks through


a lined piece of yellow paper.
(from Lynn)

A week ago, the Lord asked a dear sister to share this thought with me.
She obeyed, hastily writing it out, folding it, and passed it on.

When I unfolded that simple piece of paper and
read those precious words of encouragement,
I wept for joy,
because the Lord SPOKE to me.

You can tell, this little piece of paper has been well-loved
in the past week.

The Lord could speak directly to us, but He chooses to use others
to build up their faith and love.

One day the Lord told me to call a younger sister,
explain my trial, and ask for prayer. 
I obeyed.  I called.  She listened.  She prayed for me.
At the end of the conversation she confided
in her morning  prayer she had asked the Lord to teach
her to be more faithful in prayer.
I was the second person to call her that morning with a serious request.
We both rejoiced and worshiped.
He hears, He speaks, He loves.

Next time you heard that still, small Voice
telling you to pick up the phone,
send an email,
leave a verse on Facebook
or send a card,

do it.

Don't doubt that Voice you hear.

You will cause worship,

I know.

For the past month of living through a trial concerning
an Innocent Man, the Lord has spoken to me again and again
through His people. 

The timing is always impeccable, is always divine.

It also reminds me to not be so centered on my trials,
that I don't hear Him instructing me
to pick up my phone or my pen.

Speak, Lord, your servants are listening...


  1. You are an amazing woman that I respect so much. Your trial is so heavy and yet you joyfully look to the Lord. You continue to serve Him by encouraging others to seek Him even though you could easily fall into a "me" prayer life at this time. Thank you for continuing to persevere. God is watching and listening.

    We Continue to pray. :)

  2. I'll continue to lift you to the Lord... as you walk this journey onward- with Joy.

    I know many times I've heard God speaking that I should send someone a note, or call. I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't always listened as faithfully as I should.
    Aren't you grateful for HIS unfailing faithfulness - always?!?!

  3. May His voice continue to lead and to guide is powerful and sharper than any two edged sword. It knows the truth and is able to divide what is not...may He give you strength and may He protect the innocent. (which His Word says He does).

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  4. In your trials you are an inspiration to others to persevere. Praying for you.

  5. Bearing one anothers burdens ♥
    Precious, how blessed you are to have such godly friends.

  6. I was nodding through this entire post.

    YES, let us encourage one another daily so we will not be hardened by sin's deceitfulness!
    Hebrews 3:13

    So grateful for you.

  7. Mindy, I love reading your blog and am often times encouraged or challenged by what you share! Thank you for taking the time to share what God puts on your heart!


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