Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stuffed with Straw

Wanting to celebrate fall and friendship,
we joined another family at Country Village in Bothell
to make a scarecrow at the Harvest Festival.

Beka, Samantha and Sarah chose the wooden cross they wanted for their scarecrow.
What a good life lesson for the girls -
begin at the CROSS...

Country Village supplied boxes of overalls, shirts, vests, hats and purses.

Each girl carefully coordinated their clothing and accessories.
This part took the longest, are you surprised?

Sarah needed to model her attire before attaching it to her scarecrow.

After tying twine around the ends of the sleeves and pant legs, Julie helped Samantha stuff the bodies full of straw.

Choosing from a variety of painted, wooden shapes and burlap sewn heads, the girls created faces with permanent markers.

The final step is attaching the head with help from the nice teenage girls who worked there.

Every woman needs to make sure she has her head on straight.
What a good life lesson for the Moms.
(we shoulda' borrowed that tool for awhile)

The girls were so pleased with what they had created.
The event was free if you left your scarecrow at Country Village to be used for their extensive fall decorating. The kids love to return to see where their scarecrow is displayed. They also were judged in a contest for creativity.
If you wanted to take your new friend home it was $15.
Last year, I didn't want to deal with trying to store the straw-stuffed scarecrow.
We made one at home using toddler-sized clothing and stuffed it with fiberfill.
It was a lot easier to store during the off-season.
We loved celebrating fall with our new scarecrow- making tradition,
but the pleasure was multiplied, sharing it with friends.
We weren't just making scarecrows,
we were making memories.

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