Friday, October 30, 2009

Sermon in the Shadows

Since I've moved to the PNW, I've learned to love shadows. I think I just took them for granted living in the Midwest. Because the sun was almost always out, so was my shadow. In an area where you don't see the sun for an average of 226 days out of the year, your shadow becomes an elusive friend. Someone you'll see only when you hear the call "sun-break!"

Little Miss Beka crowned with my shadow. I love this picture. To me it shows the role of a Mom as a child grows and develops their own faith and life skills. You're still always there, you're just not always in the foreground. You're in the background, waiting, praying, pondering...knowing you'll know when to step from shadow into flesh, and when to step back again.

We love being together, so even our shadows are friends. Good foreshadowing for the years to come, I hope and pray.
Shadows flee when the sun hides its brilliance. Job compares our lifespan to a fleeting shadow.
Job 8:9, "for we were born only yesterday and know nothing, and our days on earth are but a shadow."
Everything on earth is a heavenly reminder. Next time you see the length of your shadow, think of your length of days. When your fleeting days are over, will you be with the Son who casts your shadow - who gives you every breath while you are alive?


  1. I can hardly imagine what it is like to live where there is so little sum?! We get about 360 sunny days per year here ... and I might add have the world's highest rate of skin cancer :-( Is it constantly gloomy? I think I would find that very hard going to stay cheerful.
    the photos are great! The two of you holding hands is precious.

  2. It can be gloomy and gray. However, there is always flowers and shrubs blooming all year around. I purposely plant my garden so there is always something blooming. We also light candles, have cozy fires and do things to concentrate on the SON when we don't have the sun.

  3. Great attitude, Mindy!

    (and please excuse my spelling. Ugh! I often look back later and realize I've spelt something wrongly. It is actually my typing which is bad and I don't take enough time to spell check!)


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