Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Love Letters from Jesus and Beka

Driving home Sunday afternoon, seven year old Beka was still pondering the message her Daddy had preached that morning.

"Dad, you know how you said that when we open the Bible God speaks to us?"

"Yes," I think her Daddy was pleased to know that his youngest child had heard part of the sermon, despite her wriggling, scribbling, fidgeting, daydreaming and loudly dropping her notebook that morning.

"I don't get it," she admitted.

I waited, wondering how he would bring the whole "the Bible is the inspired God-breathed Word of God" doctrine down to her level. I was glad she asked him, not me. I wasn't sure what I would have said.

"You know how you write love letters to me, where you tell me how much you love me?"

"Yea..." she hesitated, probably wondering where this answer was coming from.

"When you write, 'I love you, Daddy' and I read it, I know that it is YOU speaking to me. It's just like that when Jesus puts something on paper for us to read," said her daddy.

Her enthusiastic, "Oh, I GET IT!" thrilled my heart.

We often tell the kids the Bible is God's love letter to us, written to express the love He showed by sending His Son Jesus. Scott's explanation was PERFECT for the little girl who daily showers us with love notes, sliding them under doors, hiding them in shirt pockets, in luggage when we are traveling, on our desks, and pillows.

She understood one of God's methods of showing His love is a method she uses - love letters.


To Mom,
Mom, you are mine for a long time.
You are too pretty to me.
I love you so much.
From, Beka
If someone you loved dearly wrote you a letter, would you just carry it around, unopened, letting the physical touch of the paper be comfort enough for your heart?
Would you buy a special box for the cherished heirloom letter, forever storing away the unread message?
Would you frame the sealed envelope and mount it on a wall so you could walk by daily, remembering it was written just for you? Even though you don't know what it says?
Or would you actually
open the letter
and devour those words
and over,
and over,
and over,
feeling the presence of the loved one,
and experiencing their love
through the written words?
What are you going to do with the love letter the Lord has written to you?


  1. Your daughter sounds very sweet and your husband had a good illustration to use.
    It is good to be reminded to open His precious word - OFTEN.

  2. Great kick in my pants today. Thank-you. And I love that - "You are mine for a long time." So Precious!


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