Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Brookie Meets Baby Bubba

All during my daughter's pregnancy, she and her husband, Aaron, explained to their daughter, Brookelyn, that Mommy's growing tummy held a baby. She didn't seem to get it. If you asked her where the baby was, she always pointed to her own tummy. After the sonogram revealed Brookie was to have a baby brother, they named him Brayden and referred to him as Baby Bubba.

Obviously, at 20 months, there isn't a lot of understanding about these deep concepts. To introduce Brookie into the whole "Mommy had her baby thing," they had the rest of the family wait outside so Brookie could meet her brother by herself. The rest of the family eventually trickled in to hear Brookie's excited monologue.

Jana referred to Brayden as "your baby" and Brookie took that seriously. She didn't even want her Mommy to hold the baby to nurse him. It was her baby, baby, baby, baby. She has learned to share her baby but she never had to learn to love him.

That came naturally.


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