Saturday, July 11, 2009

What's in YOUR Side View Mirror?

We left on Thursday July 9th for a 1685 mile journey across five states to get to Story Book Lodge Christian Camp near Virginia, Minnesota. We returned yesterday to the wonderful civilization of coffee made from freshly ground beans, high speed Internet and cell phone reception. Not to mention, seat covers in all public bathrooms.

I just had to create a new way to photograph the gorgeous view while we were cruising across Montana, my favorite state. We didn't have time to stop, so I stared through the windows and in the mirrors. I take a lot of pictures through the windows of the car, but they are usually a little smudgy from all the bug guts smattered on the windshield.

Notice the heavy traffic. The interstate across Montana and North Dakota is so empty, you almost could drive with your feet.

I said almost and no, I didn't try it.

Heavy traffic, there's another vehicle on the road. It was time to put the camera away and keep driving.
Stay tuned....

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  1. Beautiful! And I saw some of this from the train. Just returned this morning!


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