Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to Eat a Hamburger

Choreographed by food expert, Brookelyn.
Pick up hamburger with both chubby, dimpled hands.
Hold it upside down to make the calories fall out.
A good habit to encourage for later in life when there will be concern about your figger.
Take huge bites to make cute gopher cheeks.
Check the toppings.

Lick off some ketchup.

Carefully balance the burger and take a few bites when Gramma tells you to.
When your mouth is full take a drink of your milk
to ensure leaving the maximum amount of floaties per fluid ounce.
Check the toppings again.

Lick off more ketchup.
If you get enough on your face, Gramma will think it is cute and
she won't wipe it off, especially if it is on the tip of your nose.
Take a few more bites, wrap up the burger and tell Gramma "du".
Translation, "Done."

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