Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Unexpected Journey of a Blogging Mommy

I've been so very thankful for the love and compassion
 shown by my readers during the past year. 

Your prayers and your comments have upheld me
during a very hard time in my life.

When I first started blogging,
I intended to be a "mommy blogger"  and share
whatever the Lord brought into my mommy moments.
I envisioned sharing spiritual lessons,
recipes, housekeeping tips, crafts, and funny stories about my kids.

Instead, I became a "cancer blogger" as I
typed  my way through my second and third round of thyroid cancer.

Then, I became a
"I'm trying to keep an Innocent Man from going to jail blogger."

When five friends were called home to Jesus in less than a year,
I became a "grieving blogger."

When my  pain was so great and my anguish raw,
I wondered if I would turn people away from my words seared with suffering.
I wondered if I should quit writing.

Instead, the Lord opened up doors to hearts.

At times, the Lord lifts my burden.
Just when I need it most,
someone comments or sends an email
voicing their appreciation for my words of pain
and words of encouragement.

Other times, He allows me to help carry burdens of others.
I've learned  many, many, many people are suffering
and they've cried with me and shared their stories with me.
They grieve for my pain and for theirs,
but through the journey,
we've upheld one another.
We have been blessed in the fellowship of suffering.

When I first started blogging,
I intended to be a "mommy blogger" and share
whatever the Lord brought into my mommy moments.

Since these are the things the Lord  brought into my moments,
so this is what I write, because

Moment by moment I’m kept in His love;
Moment by moment I’ve life from above;
Looking to Jesus till glory doth shine;
Moment by moment, O Lord, I am Thine.


  1. A blog really is a diary that you decide to share with the whole world. Or, the two people that read the post, which ever happens to be the case. And it is great to receive support from people you would never have met before. Keep blogging!

  2. We are his for Eternity
    THANK YOU JESUS for letting us walk thru the valleys while you are with us so we can rejoice in the mountain tops for ever!! Treeza

  3. Thanks for sharing your journey--even if it has been a hard and unexpected journey.

  4. KEEP ON BLOGGING. :) (((hugs)))

  5. It is so encouraging to know that not one tear is ever wasted. That God uses our pain in such amazing ways is incredible to me. Even though it hurts and it is hard, when it encourages someone else in their walk with the Lord, that is such a blessing! You've been that blessing to me and my sister. Thank you!


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