Sunday, April 15, 2012

Taking My Vitamins

Winters are hard for me.

A sun-loving Norwegian transplanted into the Pacific Northwest eight years ago,
I don't get as much sun as I need.
We have an average of 226 cloudy days each year.
You do the math.
The sun doesn't shine much.
Due to lack of sun and  lack of thyroid,
 winter  finds my Vitamin D  and calcium dropping,

It ain't perty.

Specially when I forget to take my supplements.

This winter, with added spiritual trials to my physical trials,
I was in a rough patch.

If the sun peaked through the clouds, I dashed outside to soak up the rays,
even when it was cold enough to make my legs look like plucked chickens.
Yea, goosebumps aren't attractive, especially on leprously white legs.

I read books that encouraged.

I planted colorful flowers to overshadow the gray.

I reminded myself to take my vitamins.

It still didn't help.

My dear hubby, who  takes my well-being seriously,
took matters into his own hands.
He knew exactly what I needed.

He ordered Vitamin M.

What's Vitamin M, you may be wondering?

M is for Mommy.

He called my Mom,
told her she was needed on the coast, and they booked a ticket.

We picked her up on Saturday.

The order of business for the coming week,
not necessarily in order,
is to talk,
drink coffee,
shop at thrift stores,
drink more coffee,
bake cookies,
shop at antique stores,
drink more coffee,
pull out all my mending,
make homemade chicken noodle soup,
drink coffee,
and drink more coffee.

We all figger after a good dose of
Vitamin M
I should be feeling better soon.

It's just what the hubby ordered.


  1. Sounds like you are getting some vitamin C (coffee) as well. I realized yesterday that I enjoy rain again ~ but then Noah and news of Austin Lee had put me in a rather good mood. :-) Enjoy your time with Mom.

  2. hi Mindy, this is truly lovely. What a time of blessing and fellowship you had. We all need times like that, time with people we can relax around and chat with about anything. Praise God for His Grace and goodness! xxx

  3. That is so sweet!! Vitamin M - I love it!! Thanks for your kind comments, thoughts and prayers. It's going to take a while catching up with my friends!


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