Monday, April 9, 2012

No One Understands Like Jesus

No One Understands Like Jesus

1.  No one understands like Jesus.
He's a friend beyond compare;
Meet Him at the throne of mercy;
He is waiting for you there.

2.  No one understands like Jesus;
Ev'ry woe He sees and feels;
Tenderly He whispers comfort,
And the broken heart He heals.

3.  No one understands like Jesus
When the foes of life assail;
You should never be discouraged;
Jesus cares and will not fail!

4.  No one understands like Jesus
When you falter on the way;
Tho' you fail Him, sadly fail Him,
He will pardon you today.

No one understands like Jesus
When the days are dark and grim;
No one is so near, so dear as Jesus--
Cast your ev'ry care on Him!

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I've always loved this hymn and the way it glorifies Christ.

It wasn't until I had sorrow heaped upon sorrow
and trial heaped upon trial,
that my heart understood  the author.

In verse one, the author discovered
humans will fail you.
We love our friends, relatives, spouses and other Christians,
but if we're feeling they let us down during our trials,
then we were leaning on the wrong person.
I don't mean wrong person,
as in choose another friend to talk to,
I mean we need to go to the only Person who won't fail.

In verse two, the author discovered
nobody understood his heartaches.
How could a human offer anything more to you
than their own shattered heart?
Healing only comes from above.

In verse three, the author encourages
to fight discouragement with Jesus' care.

The final verse promises
 pardon for stumbling off the path.

The author also understood the progression of suffering.

1. Loneliness
2. Heartache
3.  Discouragement
4.  Stumbling in Faith

Feeling alone?

When I teach my 2-4 year old Sunday School class,
my questions are easy.
Most of the questions have the same answer,
Fortunately, as we age, the life's questions get harder,
but the answers don't.
If you answered yes to any of the questions above,
the answer isn't any different than it is for a toddler-
No One Understands Like


  1. How do I tell you how you reached my heart with this post? Oh, to keep our eyes focused on the Lord Jesus and look to Him for all things! Thank you for the reminder.

  2. If only I had the faith of a child at times to just say "Jesus" instead of being my sinful self that wants to always fix the problem. If I would get wise one of these days... I would learn to EVERY SINGLE TIME take my trial, sorrow or worry to the Lord Jesus.

    Thank you again for this touching blog. Jesus DOES understand! :)

  3. Love the song and love your post. Isn't it something how we can be touched over the miles with blog posts and the touch of Jesu?s


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