Thursday, August 11, 2011

...While We Were STILL Waiting...

So where were we?
Oh yea, that's right.
In CA waiting for the birth of grandchild #3.

 While waiting for the baby,
we were reminded of the simple fact~
babies come out when they're good and ready.

They don't understand due dates.
They don't understand schedules.
They don't understand about which midwife is on call.

They don't understand because they're on the Lord's schedule.

They are wise enough to wait for His perfect timing.
They just don't have any way to encourage their mommies
during the waiting,
so they kick,
and squirm,
and punch,
and wiggle,
and push
and kick some more.
They like to make a grand entrance by making
their mommies totally miserable just prior to birth.
It's the Lord's way of making a woman actually
to go through labor.
It works, doesn't it?

Pregnant women will go through
 just to get that baby out of there.

But, meanwhile, Mommies need to pass time while they're

Target was a favorite destination
because Gwamma had to buy the kids presents, of course.

We had to buy little monkey outfits for baby, too.
This Gwamma loves monkeys.
This Gwamma is really sad nobody made baby clothes with
monkeys on them when she was having her monkeys.

Brookelyn entertained us by marching into the living room
 in this beautiful ensemble and announcing, "I'm Jana."

Her actions inspired a full-fledged  fashion show,
with Rebekah and Brookelyn modeling and announcing.

While waiting,
we ate a lot of snacks.
Kids and preggo mommies love snacks.

Beka helped pass the time by setting up a library story hour.
Both of the listeners ended up being banished from the library
for being naughty.
They had to take an early nap.
The librarian read to herself.

We had to eat a lot of IN-N-OUT Burgers while

They really took the misery out of waiting.
I think both Jana and I gained weight while

Since food seems to be the favored way to pass time while
we also had to go out for gelato.

While her Mommy was in the bathroom,
I tried taking a picture of Brookie with chocolate drips on her face.
She refused.
I won't be outsmarted by a three year old.
I told her she could stand on the tall chair and pose for a picture.
There ya' go.

At the street fair there were some gnarly lookin' pirates.
Why do people think pirates are fun for kids?
Unbathed murderers?
No wonder the kids didn't smile.

Speaking of eating while
-our first Funnel Cake!
It was so good.
We slopped powdered sugar all over our faces,
fingers and clothes, but the mess was worth it.

A little bit of running and jumping always occupies people
who are

During one of our conversations,
Jana said that despite her discomfort and her anxiousness to have the baby,
she trusted the Lord for His timing.
"His timing has been perfect with Brookelyn and Brayden,
His timing will be perfect with this one."

One night, because we were hungry and needed some female bonding,
Jana and I put the kids to bed and went out for a snack.
Believe it or not, there was yogurt underneath all this candy.
Nice, healthy, supposed-to-be-better-for-you-than-ice-cream yogurt.
But, by the time I ate all the candy,
I didn't have room for the healthy yogurt.

With baby curling up on her tummy,
Jana knew she didn't have a lot of room for yogurt,
so took a nice, polite helping.

You know how people claim the last thing they did
 before going into labor causes labor?

Then, it's official.
Yogurt causes you to go into labor.

And, Jana was right.
The Lord's timing was perfect.

(stay tuned...)


  1. ...what, the anticipation of reading this pos, then no baby picture at the end...ripped off..hehe! You must be sooooo excited! xxx

  2. Whew being reminded of all the waiting is stressing me out! ;) Even amidst all the chaos I loved having you and Bekah around to keep me occupied. The funnel cake and late night Fro-yo were awesome ways to wait! Patiently waiting for the next blog....

  3. Man! Can you and Beka come wait with me next March 13'ish? ;) And bring some In'n'Out & Fro-Yo too?

    Ok, Yogurt is WAY easier than sit-ups to go into labor with!!!!! :)

    Also, funnel cakes are super easy to make and just as yummy. I'm sure if you had a craving you could find a recipe online.

  4. "It's the Lord's way of making a woman actually want to go through labor." LOL - absolutely~!!

    Well, that is explains a few things to me. :o)

    Ok, get me some yogurt~!! Ok, make it a heap of yogurt~!!


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