Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When the Hubby Helps

Sometimes, my husband is a little ....


how do I describe him?

Let me count the ways...




Free spirited?


But, I fell in love with him,
and the kids like having him around,
so that makes him a keeper.

And when he helps in the kitchen
while being silly,
it makes it even better.

Yea, that's my Chex bowl, but it works for cupcakes, too.

Much to the chagrin of all my food-blogging friends,
I used box mixes for making cupcakes for Graduation.

And, I'm not hiding that fact.

I was running out of time and energy while planning and preparing.
Hubby knew  was a little stressed.
He doesn't like me stressed.
Only he calls it crabby.

So, he became a man of action.

He ripped into my box mixes and started throwing ingredients together.

When he started schlepping the dough into my
color-coordinated mini cupcake papers,
I was a little worried.

I wanted the cupcakes to be the perfect size
for decorating and displaying in my cupcake holders.

I don't like drizzled splotches on the edges of my muffin pans.
I don't like lopsided cupcakes.

I tried to give him a few pointers,
and he politely pointed me out of the kitchen.

Nobody likes a backseat  cook,
especially Mr. P.

I knew it!

Without my advice,
my tips,
my ideas,
my superior way of doing things,
they turned out fine.

That always happens.

Sometimes wives don't have enough confidence in their husbands.
We think they should do things around the house,
but do things our way.
(OK - you all know I'm talking about myself,
but nobody wants to be wrong alone,
so I'm inviting you along.)

It takes a mature woman to
let go
and let her husband
in his own way.

YES, it still IS help
if your hubby doesn't do it YOUR way. 

I ended up eating humble pie,

while Mr. Scott sampled one of his
mini cupcakes.

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes,
ready to go into the freezer
to decorate the afternoon of the open house.

They're cooled and placed in Tupperware containers,
with layers of waxed paper between.
They can be frozen for several months.

I used about half for Graduation,
half for company desert a few weeks later.

To show he's not gloating over his success,
he made a smiley face for me.

And, he made me smile.

The day of our celebration, I took the cupcakes out of the freezer.
I had purchased butter cream frosting from a party store
with a cake decorating kiosk in the back.

It was the same price as the tubs in the store,
but tastes delicious!
I used the gel food colorings to make the frosting
pink, purple and yellow.

A large swirl tip was chosen, the bag filled,
and with a quick, continuous swirl,
the cupcakes were frosted.
No perfection allowed in my house anymore,
I have to choose the more red-neck affirmation of
"get 'er dun!"

I didn't get a close-up of the cupcakes,
so click on the pic to enlarge and see them more clearly.

Thanks to Mr. P's uncoached help in the kitchen,
the cupcakes were a hit.

We "got 'em dun!" ~
his way.


  1. Hey, they look great. He's a keeper all right!

  2. Welcome home. Did you not stop in Fargo?!! Was looking forward to seeing you. :(
    I have the same turquoise pyrex bowls...just found one for my mom's collection at the thrift for 3 bucks!!
    OH, and Congratulations Grandma!! She's darling.

  3. Why would you even want to micro-manage boxed cupcakes? You must be so glad for a willing helper. In our family, I am the "throw it in the bowl any which way" and Will sits there and shakes his head. It's all fine, and he hasn't died from my cooking (yet)! But you are very blessed in many ways--including having a great husband.

  4. I really needed this reminder. After spending months on end doing things my way, and only my way, it's hard to let go of that and appreciate the help for what it is. We have about2 more months until my husband returns from this deployment, and I'm challenging myself to keep this reminder at the forefront of my mind, and to prepare myself now so we don't go through that power struggle upon his return. What a gift that'll be to myself, my husband and our children!

  5. Leslie, so happy he's returning and will pray for the "power struggle" you mentioned. I know that all too well. My hubby traveled for years on business and when you have to take the reins in their absense, it is hard to return them to their hands on their return. You are wise to be preparing your heart and your family for his return! May your reunion be blessed.

  6. "What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man!"

    Sorry, the silly song just popped into my head.

    What a beautiful story, and important lesson!

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  8. Oh, how I love it!! They can sometimes truly get it done if we step out of the way!!! Great job! Loved reading the post of a thankful wife!!

  9. Been quiet lately. Everything ok?

  10. Mr. Bulow, thanks for asking. I've been gone for six weeks, didn't always have time or Internet. Some good things happened, some hard things, will catch everyone up soon. Thanks for praying.


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