Tuesday, February 22, 2011


On Monday, February 14th,
when most of the world was enjoying cards, chocolates and flowers,
a believer very dear to us was arrested on  false charges,
and locked up in jail.

He's looking at 2 to 60 years
 for a crime he didn't commit.
We were quickly thrown into the real world,
where Christians can be falsely accused,
their Constitutional rights denied,
and we have to avail every
power in heaven and on earth for justice to be served.

Early on, the Lord gave me a verse in Isaiah as my theme.

I knew I needed to walk in the Spirit.
Morning prayer and devotions with the Lord could not be put aside.
His guidance must be sought first.

Since many people are affected,
much time is spent on the phone encouraging, researching, interviewing,
compiling, praying, helping, talking, praying, crying and praying more.

Because I have older kids, they all immediately pitched in,
without being asked, to help with
housework and meals so I could attend to my work.

On Thursday, I walked outside for the first time in days,
and took a deep breath of cedar-scented air.

It was as if I hadn't been outside in ten years.

Today, Tuesday Feb. 22nd
by the grace of God,
we've made it through eight days.
The Lord has rallied support from many believers to pray,
encourage and help in many little, precious ways.
He has daily spoken to us and given us verses to guide and direct us.

Each time we have felt we are in the bottom of Joseph's pit,
with no way out,
He showers us with fresh blessing, mercy and grace.

We know some day, by faith,
we will be able to say, like Joseph,

Genesis 50:20

But as for you, you meant evil against me;
but God meant it for good,
in order to bring it about as it is this day,
to save many people alive.

We're in physical, spiritual and emotional agony
as we wrangle with the immensity of this trial.
But, our faith rests in the Lord.

Each day, we wake and the Lord has given Scott a theme or a prayer.

Today, we are asking for relief.
Each day the complexities and the burdens grow greater
and we are feeling the need for a little relief.

Thank you for your prayers,
we feel upheld by the Lord and His people.

Please, continue to pray.


  1. have been praying daily for you and your family.

  2. So burdened for you and your situation. My heart aches, and I'm grateful knowing the Spirit interecedes when we have no words to offer up. I love you.

  3. God is amazing and He is using you and others to intercede and petition the court room in Heaven. May God be glorified in this situation. Love ya, M

  4. I was reading Psalm 118 today, and thinking of (praying for) you today.

  5. Your family is in our minds and prayers our in our hearts.

    He Hideth My Soul - youtube full song
    hoping it's encouraging for you today.

  6. Praying for your family the Lord bless you with answered prayers and sending many hugs and lots of love your way and to your family. We feel so bad for you we have dealt with the justice system and one feels so helpless but we have an awesome Lord who is higher than any judge He is in control. praying

  7. We have been--and will continue to be--lifting you and this situation up in prayer. You have spent a great deal of time before the throne interceding for other believers--our Father knows your voice well. :-) It is an honor to have the opportunity to hold you up in prayer...

  8. I always remember the words Betsy said to her sister Corrie Ten Boom when they were in the concentration camp..."THERE IS NO PIT SO DEEP THAT HIS LOVE IS NOT DEEPER STILL". Praying you will find strength and peace in Him. Also the words to this song by SCC have brought comfort to my heart when days have been dark.

    "His strength is perfect
    when our strength is gone;
    He'll carry us when
    we can't carry on;
    Raised in His power,
    the weak become strong
    His strength is perfect,
    His strength is perfect."

  9. Thank you for helping us know how to pray. We will continually pray for this situation and for deliverance for this man.

  10. Just back after a short trip away. I am so sorry to read of your friend's troubles. May he be vindicated. May the Lord lift you up and uphold you in your time of trouble. xo

  11. Just a quick note from Rabbit's Mom. We love you and pray for you daily!!!! I will share more when I am on home computer.

  12. My son and I just finished reading through a book called A Song for Your Honor. http://www.clp.org/product/a_song_for_your_honor_692

    It is an amazing true story and was great encouragement to me. I wish I knew more about the situation; but God does and I continue to pray about this unknown situation and for your family.

  13. I.Am.So.Sorry.
    Very Sorry.
    Perhaps there will be lienancy at sentencing.


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