Monday, August 16, 2010

Why Mommies Get Angry - Don't Understand Purpose of the Law

Mommies can wrongly think that discipline is to make our lives easier and to give relief to our own frustrations with our kids.  That may be an outcome, but not the goal.

Our discipline is to show kids their sinful state and their need for a Savior.

Like the purpose of the Ten Commandments in the believer's life,  rules aren't followed to gain favor with the Lord, nor does the flesh have the power to obey them.  The rules are to show the sinfulness of the soul and the need for a Savior.  Only with the Lord's spirit, His Word and His help can we obey laws, whether the laws of the Lord, the laws of the land or the laws of the Home.

Genesis tells us God was grieved with the people because every thought and intent of the heart was only evil continually.  Sound like our children?  Sound like us?  The purpose of our correction, discipline and instruction is to show our children which thoughts, intents and actions are not pleasing to the Lord and how to make peace with the Father through faith in His Son.

When we focus on our peace as Mommies and not their peace with God, our frustrations can drive us to demand obedience and answer in anger when our peace is disturbed.  We cannot discipline in anger, or to relieve our own frustrations.  We only can discipline, correct and instruct when our heart's desire is to point out their sin and the way to the Savior.

We need to keep their souls ever before our hearts and minds as we stumble down the path of parenting, letting Thy Word be a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.


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  1. This one touched a little too close to home. Thank you!


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