Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dealing With Temper Tantrums - Part One

Sometimes, there is obvious anger.  There will be name-calling, door-slamming, yelling and lashing out at others.  It is easy to spot, hard to subdue, but easily recognized as sin. It is a kettle boiling over,  you relieve the pressure, clean up the mess, and dinner can still be saved.

Anger can be displayed as frustration, with exagerated sighs, fidgeting movements, curt replies and distraction.  It can be harder to identify as sinful anger, but easier to subdue with laughter or diversion.  It is the kettle boiling near the top, you lower the temperature and all is well.  If you don't lower the temperature, it might boil over.

Other times, anger is displayed as quietness, with clenched jaws, rolling of eyes, snearing lips and a seared heart.  If practiced continually, it may be impossible for others to perceive, and the person  may wrongfully feel they are "controlling" their anger, therefore impossible to subdue. It might be accepted as a state of victory, because the top didn't blow.

But, it could be the deadliess form of anger if not rooted out. It can continue until the soul is barren and bitter. It is the kettle that has run out of moisture, unnoticed and scorched. By the time the lid is lifted, dinner might not be salvagable.

We are quick to jump on obvious anger. It is easy to spot, easy to correct, although guilt can be strong fall-out, which leads to more anger.

It is easy to deal with the name-calling, door-slamming, yelling and lashing out at others.

It can be the hardest part of parenting, dealing with tempertantrums, but we Mommies MUST reign over our emotions.

Yea, you were hoping I was talking about the kids.  I'm not.

I'm talking about Naughty Mommies.  I'm talking about them because I am one of them.

If there are tantrums in your children,  first check is to see how YOU deal with pain, disappointment, accidents, offense, lack of sleep, lack of food (hypoglycemic, anyone?), relationships and prayers not answered according to your plans. 

All things physical, emotional, mental and spiritual can cause tantrums.

No excuses, right?  Just because we're not feeling well, doesn't give us permision to act naughty, right?

Isn't that what we tell our kids?

Today, ask the Lord to give you insight to your own anger, in each of these three  stages of action.

How do you react?

What are your causes?

Psalm 139:23-24
 Search me, O God,
and know my heart: try me,
and know my thoughts:

And see if there be any wicked way in me,
and lead me in the way everlasting.

We are blessed to have a Father in Heaven who is parenting us with such love, grace, mercy and forgivness.  He longs for us to trust Him completely.

He will show our hearts, and lead us in the way.

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  1. Oh Mindy. You have just hit my nail on the head. I've been a very naughty Mommy these days. I have a certain oldest child who is at the top of another mountain of knowledge right now and she's really pushing my buttons. More often than not I am reacting as a horribly naughty Mommy and boiling over to the point of tears at bedtime. God is teaching me but I'm only learning slowly. I have ruined many suppers these days. Thanks for this blog. I need to do a LOT more examining my heart before the Lord. He sees me clear through, no secrets from Him. How can He love me so? I am thankful He doesn't ruin supper! THANK YOU!


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