Friday, September 11, 2009

You Might Learn Something

One night my husband, Scott, was sitting in the living room listening to a lengthy and detailed explanation from a man who was anxiously trying to sell a home security system. Beka sat in the living room for a few minutes, then joined me in the bedroom where I was avoiding the uneventful and boring event.

She announced as she entered, "You know, I get tired of listening because it is so boring, but I found that if you listen, you actually can learn something."

Astounded by her profoundness, I asked, "What did you learn?"


Not sure how much is my trouble and how much is Google's, but last night and this morning I have been having computer issues, the kind that remind me why I never keep a baseball bat in the same room as my computer.

I can't get cut and paste functionality to work. I have always typed into OneNote, my favorite Microsoft product of all times, then pasted into Blogger. Not now.

I can't get the scrolling feature to work. I have always dropped pics in then moved them around to where I want them in the blog-in-process. Not now. I could grab the picture, but the scrolly down button wouldn't work. I couldn't get highlighted text to move where I wanted it, either.

Sometimes, I can't get Google to let me put spaces between my paragraphs. It's weird. It's like some strange battle. I type and space, and it publishes all run together. I edit spaces in between the paragraphs, it publishes all together. I re-edit, trying two spaces between, it publishes all together. To win the war, I just go in and type a period between all the paragraphs. Looks odd, but your eyes need breathing room between paragraphs on a blog.

I have written two blogs, but since I can't edit them, they are sitting in my list of posts.

Does anybody else have these problems? Anybody have any solutions?

I'm hear to act on my daughter's advice; if I listen, I might actually learn something.

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  1. We've had to reformat our computer twice this year. My husband blames me and the internet. But it's an addiction that I just wont give up. It was fixable, just out of commission for a couple of days.


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