Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We Have Manners, Yes We Do.....

We have manners, less than you!
(Adapted from a lame High School cheer,
yes, thanks for asking, I was a high school cheerleader.)
We were rewarding ourselves with a meal at a Mexican restaurant after summiting
Tiger Mountain.

The kids claimed they were hungry - very hungry.
Near starvation, I think was the terminology expressed, along with exaggerated whines, moans and eye rolling that accompanies complaints from offspring trying to prove a pointless point.

They were hungry, but obviously not hungry enough to
EAT the food
instead of just PLAYING with it.
I was so embarrassed by the ringleader,
I threatened to NEVER
take him out in public again.

Unfortunately, the offender was the one with the credit card.
I think the waiters were very thankful they seated our family in the back of the restaurant.
I think they were more thankful my husband fathered only six children.

In my very first blog, I warned my family
"Everything You Say and Do,
Can Be Blogged Against You."

Maybe they didn't read that one.


  1. Norah started over-stuffing her mouth with food recently. Hmmmmm...maybe she's been dining with the Peltiers. :)

  2. You'll know we are to blame when she starts over-stuffing and THEN spitting it all over...that's our trademark.


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