Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Man Pack

On Saturday morning my husband and I were up early to prepare to leave for a mini family vacation. He helped and when he was ready to go he said, "I have my keys, my cell phone, my wallet and I am ready to go."

I was astounded and impressed. Our normal routine when Daddy is going somewhere is to find his keys...then his wallet...then his cellphone, not necessarily in that order. He has left his keys in the ignition, under the seat and on the garden ledge in the front yard. He has left his wallet in every item of clothing owns, on the dashboard of the car overnight, under the seat of his car, under the bed and on every piece of furniture we own. His cellphone has been equally as neglected. He lost it once for three days, but he can't remember the details, so I can't tell on him. The kids have been enlisted in the nighttime routine of Finding Daddy's Things so he will be ready for work the next morning.

He packed his stuff, made coffee, put the kids in the car and was ready to go. Just like that. I was still putting on makeup, packing toiletries, clothes and accessorizing jewelry and shoes for each outfit. That's the difference between the sexes. Men pack clothes, women pack outfits. Accessorized outfits. Every shirt my husband owns can be worn with every pair of pants, but for a woman it isn't that easy.

But, while I am packing, I am cleaning. That's another difference.

A man plans to go. So, after a change of clothes are thrown into something and the car keys are found, he's ready. A woman is packing to go, preparing the house to be left and planning for the return. I had to empty the garbage cans to keep the house from stinking. I put away every misc. item I walked by. I put away clean dishes, wiped counter tops, straightened bathrooms, put away clean laundry and shook my bathroom rugs. I got library books ready to be returned and packages ready to be mailed on Monday. I got so much put away in my mad dash around the bedroom, I saw parts of the bedroom floor that hadn't been showing for a few weeks. I just HAD to vacuum.

Somewhere along the cruise on the matrimonial highway, my hubby has learned to appreciate this crazy routine and pitches in. We all love coming home to a clean house. I just can't delay departure time.

Finally, I was ready to go.

The house was picked up and my suitcase of outfits was being wheeled down the hallway by my son. I knew I had to hurry before hubby lost

a. the car keys
b. his phone
c. his wallet
d. all of the above

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