Monday, June 1, 2009

FLASHBACK - Rebekah's First Birthday

September 24th, 2003 - Rebekah Joy turns 1

These are the oldest digital pics I have stored on my computer. It doesn't mean they are the oldest I took, they are the oldest that have remained despite kids "editing/losing" them and my new computer crashing three times in six months last year.

We were celebrating the first birthday of our sixth child. Scott and I had been married 17 years. We were both 39 years old. We had just moved into our new home August 1st, a two story older home with a lot of room for our growing family. It is also the month we first found out we possibly would be relocated to the west coast within a year.

Big Sissy, Jana trying to get little Beka Boo to look at the camera. Of course, the first digital camera we had with not the greatest quality.

Now, she's got the idea. She hasn't quit posing since this moment.

Grace with Mommy. Yes, we both look astonishingly young in this pic. Notice my scarless neck! This was BC. Before Cancer.

A rare shot with all the kids smiling and nobody is pinching someone else behind the scenes. Back Row, L to R, Bethany, 13, Jon, 7, Daniel 15.

Front Row, L to R, Jana, 16, Rebekah, 1, Grace, 10.

Daniel learned to edit photos early on.

Is this little frown forewshadowing of what is to come, or is she just whining for more cake?

Since this birthday, Rebekah has moved to the PNW, has thinned out a lot, began kindergarten this year and now "babysits" her neice, another chubby, adorable little toddler.

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