Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Found My Missing Lipstick

The perfect lipstick issue is a big deal. You can spend a lot of time in the store gazing at tubes, wondering which one is that perfect color for you. The color that will instantly transform you from a tired, kid-goobie stained mother into a fresh, exciting, young woman. It has to be just the right color. It can't be too bright, it looks like you're trying too hard. It can't be too light, it looks like you aren't trying at all. It has to be that perfect color that draws attention away from all the other imperfections you tiredly drag around all day long.

My favorite was called UV Fusion, whatever that means, but they stopped making it years ago.

Busted. Apparently, Beka thought this color was perfect for her, too. The last of the UV Fusion is fused to her face.

She wanted to play Cowboys and Native Americans with brother Jon. She is trying out her Native War-Whoop, which isn't politcally incorrect, it is part of a time in history that we all have mixed feelings about. However, my kids, as I did, love to read about the long-ago Native cultures and how all the people lived in the "olden days" of the United States.

Smile for the camera. Like all the kids in my family,she has learned that if you smile and let mom take pictures of you, you won't get in as much trouble.
But, not only does that lipstick have to be that perfect shade, it has to have that perfect shape. After it has been smashed down while trying to make lipstick kisses, writing on mirrors, or painting a little girl's face, it just can't perfectly outline your lips in that age-defying, life-transforming way.
I guess today I will have to go lipstickless, letting people notice my tired, wrinkled face and all the Momma Goobies on my shirt.
And tomorrow, I will begin, again that quest for the perfect shade of lipstick that will transform me into a fresh, exciting, young woman. It will probably be called Ponce de Léon.

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