Monday, May 11, 2009

Gramma's Little Monkey Visits the Pet Store

This video is just in case anybody wants to see how my very gifted grandchild acted in the pet store on Saturday. Sorry, Gramma isn't the gifted program for videography, especially when people walk in front of my camera. Like, duh!?!

I thought it was adorable that she knows the signs for bird and fish.

She is also wearing big girl panties. Way to go Brookie! Way to go Brookie's Mom! She isn't 2 until September.

On Sunday, Jana and family visited attended our chapel since they were in town for Mother's Day weekend. Little Brookie was sitting quietly, until she noticed it was her Grandpa preaching. To everybody's delight, she called several times, "Poppa, Poppa!"

Because there haven't been babies in the chapel for years, the congregation enjoyed hearing that cute little voice echoing in the high-ceilinged room. There were smiles and quiet laughs, enjoying the delight of a little girl who loves her Poppa. Of course, her Mommy wasn't as happy as the rest of us, and like a good Mommy, made her sit still and be quiet for the rest of the sermon.

Somehow, I imagine that each time my husband now steps up into the pulpit, I will always hear that little voice calling in delight, "Poppa, Poppa!" And, I will smile with delight, even if the echoes of love are only in my heart and mind.

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