Friday, May 8, 2009

Brookie's Reluctant Sign Language Exhibition

My kids never performed when I wanted them to. They could know all the animal sounds, the aphabet song, memory verses and other amazing feats. But, when you pulled out the video camera, called Gramma or had an expectant audience waiting, that's what you did - waited for the performance and tried to enduce those little monsters to perform the greatness you knew they possessed.

My grandchild is no different. Even though she is in the gifted and talented program in her Mommy's home, even though there probably isn't a smarter or cuter litle girl around, she just doesn't want to perform. I think she is just a humble genius.


  1. This was Karis. She knew so many signs and sounds. But rarely performed. Probably to keep mommy humble. :-) Gabi, I must confess, knows only two signs. Please and More. This is not due to her intelligence, but to mommy's teaching or lack thereof. :-) Poor second born. I shudder to think what it will be like for #3, if and when they appear.

  2. As a former sign language interpreter, I loved this! Way to go Jana!!!


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