Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Choose to Love

Years ago, I was in the same fellowship as a godly older woman named Cheryle. She loved the Word. She loved her husband. She loved her boys. She was a smile erupting out of a heart filled with the joy of the Lord.

Cheryle's husband was dying of scleroderma, her heart was still full of joy.

She had several boys going through the typical rocky transformations from teenagers into men, and she still had joy.

Sunday mornings, while our children were in Sunday school, the adults enjoyed visiting. Cheryl usually had a few younger sisters gathered around while she shared what she was studying in the Word.

When I learned one of her sons was engaged to a young woman I wasn't sure was a Christian, I privately asked Cheryl about this. I might have been a little forward, but I craved knowing how she was handling this situation. Watching as a young mom with six kids not yet on the brink of these decision making stages, I knew someday I could be in her shoes.

She paused very deliberately, showed no offense to my question, but gave a wise and prayerful answer. Her pause, as she summoned the Lord for all the grace and mercy of Heaven, gave me an answer that has burned into my heart and soul for decades.

(heart traced into algae plagued lake water)

She smiled at me and simply said, "I CHOOSE to love her." She didn't say anymore.

I learned much from her answer.

1. She sought the Lord before she answered.

2. She didn't gossip, nor did she brush aside the honest question of a younger woman. She didn't share any concerns about this young girl who was soon to be her daughter, or her son, yet gave me a wise and kind answer.

3. She told me how to act the rest of my life with all relationships.

When my siblings married, usually to strangers, and brought them into the family,  I knew what to do.

When my children went through their own transformations from teenagers into adults, I knew what to do.

As my children began bringing home people they chose to love, I knew what to do.

Because, I had been taught -

Love is a choice.

Therefore, as Cheryle taught me,

 I CHOOSE to love.


  1. Very wise words to ponder and pray on. Certainly not the answer the world would give.


  2. I need to write that on my heart.

    I want to learn how to answer wisely, and avoid ugliness. I wish I could spend time with her too!

  3. May my tongue always answer with that kind of wisdom!

    And thank you for your words of encouragement, not only here, but that you personally took time to enter as a comment on my blog!

  4. I love this blog!


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