Thursday, February 25, 2010

Share the Prayer

I love blogging.  When I started I thought I would write fun stuff about my kids, my husband and homeschooling.  I thought I might share an occasional craft idea, organizational ideas, a recipe or something really Becky-Homecky.

I never planned to have cancer and blog my way through it last year.  I certainly didn't plan on blogging through cancer this year, but it just showed up the third time. It's like a zit on your wedding day - you don't want it, but because it's there, you gotta' deal with it.

Part of the reason I don't like blogging about cancer, is I just don't like cancer.  I don't like doctors.  I don't like hospitals.  I don't like shots.  I don't like medication.  I don't like anything about the medical profession.  I didn't go into that field for a good reason, but I was drug from the sidelines into a game I didn't try out for.

Another reason I didn't want to blog about cancer is because it is boring. Let's face it, when we ask an older person who they're doing, and they launch into a 20 minute discussion on topics ranging from hip pains, bunions, lip sores, mucus, stitches to bowel troubles and  medications, ALL of our eyes want to roll back into our heads.  We try to engage for the first few minutes, but after that, most of us are doing the "smile and nod" thing.

But really, I just don't like talking about myself. I would much rather tell funny stories about my hubby and my kids.  I would rather inspire you all to be more hospitable.  I would rather share a treasure the Lord has given me from the Scriptures.

A young friend of mine, Becca,  who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, feels that same discomfort.  When you have cancer, you end up having to talk a lot about yourself.  It is good because it means people love you, are praying for you, are asking about you, but it draws you into a place of attention you wouldn't have chosen yourself. 

So, as I debated on whether or not to blog through this bout of cancer, I realized this simple thing.  My blog is titled "Momma Mindy's Moments."  For now, the Lord has allowed cancer to fill my moments.  As much as I have peace that the Lord has allowed me to have cancer, I finally have peace that the Lord desires me to write about my cancer.

Since today the only day this week without doctor visits, I wanted to put other people in that position of love and prayer support my faithful, dear readers have given me. The love and faithfulness in prayer that has been extended to me has been a huge help, encouragement and a blessing.  I want to spread the love and ask you to pray through these names below.

Pray for Becca, momma of two little girls.  Stop by her blog and encourage her.

 Then, while you are praying, add Charlcie to your list. She is going through the exact same series this week, with the scan on Friday. She has had two bouts with thyroid cancer and is obviously, desiring a clear scan  Friday.

Also pray for a young mom by the name of Elisha. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer while pregnant with their fourth child. She was able to deliver the baby safely, had surgery,  nurse baby, and will have Radioactive Iodine treatment in March.  She will be going off her artificial thryoid  during this time, which can be very challenging.

Pray for Wanda, who completed her first bout of treatment for thyroid cancer and is still clear. Her husband, Larry, is suffering a lot of health issues at this time.

Remember, Liba, young Mom of four in Israel, round one of thyroid cancer that had spread to  lynph nodes in her neck. She was going through the same testing I was this week, as well.

Marlena, a young mom of one whose thyroid cancer was also extensive, but is in remission.

Michelle, a beautifully mommy who had a 9 hour surgery to remove a tumor on her spine.  Had a previous brain tumor.

Lisa, mother of 9, went through breast cancer last year, and has given me great ideas to take charge of my own life with diet and exercise to fight back.

Pray for RivkA, another blogging friend in Israel, who has battled cancer long and hard.  Her stage zero breast cancer mysteriously metastasized to her bones, liver and lungs, then her brain.
Her blog states,

Diagnosis: Cancer is a "chronic illness." You can live with it.
Translation: I hope to be on chemotherapy for a LONG time!

How's that for some contagious optimism?

So, as you have blessed me and prayed for me, I ask you to pray for my friends.

1 Timothy 2:8, "I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands..."

1 Thessalonians 5:17, "Pray without ceasing."

I would also encourage you to leave prayer requests below if you have anything that needs to be brought before the Throne of Grace.

And as we pray, let's worship.  Let's praise and thank the One whos hands bears the marks of His dying love for us!


Day Four is Over


  1. Amen! I loved the first part. And thank you for reminding us to pray for the others who are hurting. Wow, so many lives being affected by cancer. I will be praying for them today, and prayed my way through that list.

  2. Please, please, KEEP BLOGGING throughout your cancer treatments.:) It is encouraging for those with cancer to read and for me, a healthy person, to be reminded that I need to not take for granted what I've been given in good health.
    I spent time in prayer for these ladies you mentioned. Thank you for sharing their names. I cannot imagine how hard it would be with young children to be chronically ill.
    I prayed for their children and extra comfort for them. May they find the love of the Lord Jesus and be comforted by Him at a young age.

  3. I want to echo what Tandis said, please keep blogging about your cancer. I too need to be reminded all that I have to be thankful for. I pray for you daily, Mindy.

  4. I like reading about anything you write, so keep it up! :)


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