Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Gift of the Not-So-Magi Daugther

When I became a Mom, I purposed several things to promote a creative and giving nature in my children.

*I would cherish dandelions and other such weedy love offerings.
*I would provide huge amounts of crafting materials to ensure their creativity always had an outlet.
*I would praise all creations and pretend I knew what they were.
*I would prominently display their latest endeavor, signed and dated to ensure proper credit would be given in future generations.
*I would wear anything and everything they made for me.

Through the years all these, and many more areas, have been tested and tried and I am still in the game. I have displayed umpteen bouquets of dandelions and still have a car made out of popsicle sticks. My actual fridge has not been seen for years because of the paintings, drawings and love letters smathering the surface. I have an otter made out of 2x4's that holds toilet paper. I have armless angels made out of clothespins.

I have a necklace crocheted with variegated yarn, a variety of necklaces made out of plastic beads, a turkey pin made of a walnut, a monkey pin made of modeling clay, necklaces that were choking chokers and bracelets that could ahve been chokers.

But, on Christmas day, the greatest test of my motherly love was given, and I passed with flying...well, let's not just say colors, let's say I passsed with sparkly, jingly, dangly, jiggly, glittery colors. For my gift, my 18 year-old daughter made me something. I say "something" and I mean SOMETHING.

When I opened the gift, my look must have given me away. Where was that poker face I usually have in such crucial situations?

Bethany, a subtle smirk on her face, said, "But, Mom, you HAVE to wear it, I made it - just for you!"

My six year old daughter, Rebekah, exclaimed with enthusiastic delight, "Mom, you don't even have to wear a necklace, it is built in."

My husband Scott stared and said, ever so tactfully, "You're really going to"

Yes, I wore it all day. I wore it while opening gifts, my arms occasionally sticking to the notions on the front. I wore it while cleaning up the wrapping paper, jingling all the way. I wore it while drinking coffee by the fire, careful not to get so close as to make a pile of melted plastic in front of the fireplace.

But, I have vengeance planned. The next time I wear it, it will be in public, with Bethany by my side. I will make sure we go where we will be seen, preferably by people she knows. I will be sure to be the proud, bragging mother, and make sure EVERYBODY knows who created my token of love. I might even accesorize it with a homemade necklace or two, anyway, just for fun.


  1. hahahahaha. I have a plan for my mom next year now... :)
    your motherhood rules are extremely relevant. For me, personally, the dandelion appreciation factor was always the most important. :)
    Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year.


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