Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Pics - BLOOPERS & OUT-TAKES

It takes a lot of effort to take a family Christmas picture.
First, we decide when we all can be together, a miracle in itself...
Next, we have to decide what to wear...
Then, we decide where to take the pics...
Finally, we when we are all together, all matching ('cept for Dan), we
just get everyone lookin' good...
Baby is lookin a little TOO good.
Jon's pretending to be a Venus fly trap, I think....

Making the baby happy, and making room for Daddy, who's setting the timer.

Was I about to be brilliant...or was I just bossing everyone around?

What's a photo shoot without the inevitable bunny ears?

OK, how should we stand?

Maybe a change of location will improve our chances.

Little Miss Brookie was watching Grandpa run into place after using the camera timer.

Little Miss Brookie is excited to see Grandpa making funny faces behind the tripod.

Celebrating a successful photo shoot.
You're 'posed to kiss with your eyes shut, Mr. P!

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