Friday, December 19, 2008

Creative Sledding

We just never got rid of those old doors. We stacked them on the side of the house and over and over we told ourselves we needed to take them to the dump.
Meanwhile, they have been excellent pitching backstops, made military command centers, forts in the wilderness and Tom Sawyer rafts. Today, they are a sledding hill.

Our backyard may look like a junkyard, but the noise you hear isn't from the junkyard dog, it is from kids squealing in laughter, cheering their creativity and enjoying a feat only children can enjoy - an artifical sledding hill made of doors that should have been taken to the dump.......
Who would have ever imagined something that could annoy adults so much......
- the sight of those nasty doors
-that nagging feeling that it is one more thing that has to be done
-the knowledge that the in-laws are coming this spring and I dread them seeing my "casual" outdoor decorating decor (OK, what WOULD have Martha Stewart have done with those doors?)
...could be an endless source of excitement for kids? Go figure.
But, I think I may scratch the trip to the dump off the honey-do list for just awhile longer.....

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  1. Mindy!
    I just discovered this blog of yours... I miss you guys!
    And Brookelyn is such a sweetie, I hope to see her sometime soon! My mom and I are going to Seattle the first week of Jan. to visit some relatives for a few days if we find cheaper plane tickets, maybe we would be able to visit you!
    -Jess Ueland


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