Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Waiting To Be Rescued?

One day on the Christian radio station, I heard an amazing story of survival. 
A man, his wife, 4 year old son and pilot crashed into the ocean.

It just so happened  a smaller boat was nearby and the people dove in and began the rescue.

It just so happened  a larger boat nearby joined in the rescue. 

It just so happened  there were doctors that began medical assistance immediately.

It just so happened they all survived.

It was an amazing story.  It made me cry.
It was miraculous and could have only been orchestrated
by a Holy and Mighty God.

Honestly, some tears were from joy, some from jealously.
I selfishly wondered why the Lord choose
to deliver some people and not others?

When I find myself having these kind of
wrong thoughts about the Lord,
I seek an answer in the Word and in prayer,
then I might blog about it.
That's how I birthed the blog  God Doesn't Always Deliver.
I have to daily surrender my "right" to plan my own life.

It's ridiculous, when you think about it.
We boldly sing and proclaim that Jesus is Lord of everything,
we gladly give Him all,
He's on the throne,
Take our Lives and Let Them Be,
blah, blah, blah.
Then, in the privacy of our homes and our hearts,
we hold back.

Like kids unwilling to share their toys or treats,
we withhold our

We're all being challenged in one or more of these areas,
that's why we cry out for deliverance.
We're not willing to "share" an area with the Lord.
It belongs to Him, we gave our lives to Him,
we just don't trust Him with His plans for that area.

Let's open our hands and release what we're withholding from the Lord,

then raise our hands in

Are you waiting to be rescued?

Leave a comment  and let's pray for one another.
If you can't share details, just say unspoken.
I will pray for you and I ask my readers to pray.

Until the Lord delivers us, tread water in faith.
We don't know how our stories end,
but I'm confident it will be like that ocean rescue~


  1. Please pray for my Mom. Lots of depression and isolation as she is aging. I am 6 hrs away and it is hard to be of much help...I continue to pray for you and Scott.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom, it is so hard to watch parents age. Thank you for your faithful prayers for us. I daily feel sustained.

      "Lord, thank you for my sweet sister, who has prayed for me and cheered me on through the past months. As you have used her to soothe my heart, I ask for you to continually provide the encouragement she needs to support her dear Mom. May you give her ultimate wisdom and understanding as a wife, mom, daughter and sister in the Lord. In Jesus' Name, Amen."

  2. Thanks for posting this Mindy. It was just what I needed to hear. My husband was laid off just over a year ago. We keep hearing about others who've gotten jobs in the mean time and it's easy to get frustrated and be impatient.

    1. Oh, Carol, what a long time to wait on the Lord! I had a friend whose husband was unemployed for 1.5 years, and I know how it affected their family. I can say, when the Lord answered, it was a better job than before. After two years, he was manager of the department. But, I know how far they sunk to get to those heights.

      "Lord, I ask you to strenghten and encourage this dear family as they wait on you. We all can be impatient, Lord, as we assign our timetable to our trials. Help us all to trust your ways and your thoughts in our lives. I do ask you to provide for their needs as you promised you would. I ask you to answer their prayers and help them feel your presence during this time. May it be a time of such spiritual blessing that they look back on this time with praise for your Holy Name. Thank you for being a holy and mighty God who loves us. Help us to bask in that love as we wait on you. In Jesus' Name, Amen."

  3. Oh, Sweet friend, I have no wisdom, just prayers. You are in my heart and prayers each and every day. Thank you for sharing your heart with me.

  4. Dear Mindy,
    I just found your blog not that long ago but have been reading both new and old posts. I have been ministered to so much through your struggles and how you constantly turn back to the Lord.

    I am a mother of four, ages 15, 12, 6 and 4. However, several years ago my oldest son (15) molested my oldest daughter (12) and then they together molested first one and then both of the other two. My husband and I found out about part of the abuse three years ago. The rest came out when our six year old, who was four at the time, started talking in September of 2009. As soon as she started telling her story we knew our older children could no longer live with our younger children. Oh, the pain, both for the younger children who had been abused so profoundly, and the older, who, at 13 and 10, would no longer be able to live in our home. Now they live a thousand miles away...literally, and we have only limited contact with them.

    Our family has been through much pain and suffering. My husband and I have tried to walk through this trial honoring God, bringing glory to His Glorious Name. I believe we have made mistakes, but have tried to be a correct representation of the Lord in our pain. We have been judged harshly and persecuted much for our faith in God and how we have handled the aforementioned situation.

    I know my God is faithful and true. He is great. He is God. He is just. He is merciful. He gives grace.

    I am not alone, for He will never leave me nor forsake me.
    It is not too much, for He says He will not give us more than we can bear.
    I only truly need to understand one thing--that He is God and reigns supreme.

    Please pray for our family, that God would sustain, strengthen and heal. Please pray that we would glorify God throughout our struggles. Please pray that God would heal wounds that are still open and have had salt poured in them so many times.

    I will pray that God will sustain you and strengthen you in your struggles. I will pray that God will continue to use you in the blogging world and in real life to strengthen and encourage others. I will pray...

    A sister in Christ

  5. Mindy thank you for this wonderful post. It gave me hope and the strength to turn to a friend I have missed to help me in my time of turmoil. I am truely blessed to have people like you and Scott in my life.


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