Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Heresy in My Home

As a Jesus-loving, Bible-believing parent,
I've been careful about what I expose my kids to.
(I know you're not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition,
 but I'm tired.)

I don't take my responsibility as a parent lightly,
as I understand some day I will stand before the
King of Kings
and give an account for the job I did as a Mother.
At the Judgement Seat of Christ,
my life will be put to the match test,
wood, hay and stubble will burn,
gold, silver and precious stones will remain.

So, I  try to carefully evaluate
and try to help the kids understand my Biblical reasoning
for the decisions made.

I cherish their souls and long to present them spotless before the Lord.

After 24 years of parenting,
I realized I failed.

Epic failure, in fact.

Heresy entered our home.

 I let down my guard and brought it in myself.

This heresy came in through a

~brace yourself~

~this is bad folks~

 a coloring book.

That's right,
a coloring book.

No, it's not the short skirt on Noah,
but that would cause some outrage in some circles.

Notice the raindrops falling on Noah?


Not one drop of judgement fell on Noah or his family,
who followed him into the ark by faith.
God shut the door, then the rain began.

The ark is a beautiful Old Testament picture of Christ,
with those inside the ark by faith facing no judgement for sin.
Not one eensy, weensy, tiny drop of water
landed on Noah and his family.

"Wait a minute, Momma Mindy,"
I hear you saying.
"You said you were going to appear before the Judgement Seat."

Yep,  that's right.

(click on the links to read the verses)

I won't face judgement for sin at the Great White Throne
because I already faced the Lord God as the Judge on earth
when I admitted my sin and trusted Christ as my Savior.
Anyone who waits to meet the Judge after death,
will be cast into the Lake of Fire.

However, believers face the Judgement Seat of Christ
where their works are judged.
Rewards will also be given based on what survives the fire.

That's a pretty heavy sermon,
all started by a  black and white drawing ripped from a kids' book.

I think I need to use that page to start a fire in the fireplace,
cuz it won't stand the match test.

I'm not going to forbid coloring and coloring books,
but I did discuss the error.
It was important that my children understand
the beautiful picture of Christ represented by the ark.

Can't have heresy in this house,
no sirree,
not one eensy, weensy, tiny drop,
not even in our
coloring books.


  1. Amen sister! In my Bible study today Noah was my hero..How he built for 120 years without never seeing a drop. Amazing Faith! We really should get some coffee? let me know when you are free.

    1. Mary, you are on my heart often. I can hardly wait to get together. It hasn't been for lack of desire. I cherish your friendship and your faith. In the next week or so....pray....I'll fill you in...

  2. Yes, truly amazing faith. It is so easy to let mistakes like that go unchallenged.

    1. I do find you a valuable resource, because you blog often about good books and curriculum. Thanks for your comment the other day, I value your compassion and your prayers. There's nothing to forgive, sister, the Lord called you to pray when I needed it and I appreciate it SO much!

  3. A good pick up too, Mindy. I am sure (seemingly) small errors get by us often. I love the Corine McKenzie books for children because the stories are so acurate and well illustrated.

    1. Oh goodie! I see you have the reply function on your blog. Glad for you!

    2. I had no idea I had the reply function! I just changed my settings yesterday because the new comment moderation was TOTALLY frustrating. This is fun, isn't it?

  4. You always make me hold my breath for a moment as you write and then share something profound!! I KNOW I am a failure as a parent...thankfully I have God's grace and mercy. If I had done a really terrific job raising and homeschooling my children, the chances are high that I would take the credit instead of giving glory to God. Only by the grace of God!!

    1. Amen! I agree completely about learning to give the Lord glory. Early on I was proud, when all six kids sat well on a Sunday morning. I've learned the hard way that getting their bodies aligned is much easier than getting their hearts aligned!


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