Sunday, February 19, 2012

But, Daddy, you PROMISED!

If I heard this once, I heard it a thousand times.

When our kids were very young,
my dear hubby would make a promise
(like for a horse)
and the kids couldn't patiently wait for the fulfillment.

Kids don't understand details must be arranged
 before asks become answers.

Sometimes, Daddy wants to wait for the perfect timing.

Sometimes, Daddy wants to bless them when they need it the most,
not when they want it the most.

Sometimes, they have to keep their end of the promise,
to receive Daddy's blessing.

A child's impatience expects the words to jump off the tongue
 and morph into whatever was promised.
Kids need to learn to wait on Daddy,
without whining,
or throwing a temper tantrum.

They don't trust their Daddy
They don't believe their Daddy.
They want their way, not his.
They might wrongly think
they're not loved
not listened to.

 Daddy's discretion is more important than immediate gratification.

Feet stomping and huffing won't change the mind of a Daddy.
He hears praise.
He hears thankfulness.
He hears love.
He watches for patience.
He watches for understanding.

As Daddy, he reserves the right to answer the promise
in His way
in His timing.

But, wait,
we're talking about our kids still,

As we wait on the Lord for answers to promises from His Word,
shoudn't we be modeling the behavior we desire and expect
from our children?
He promised to never leave or forsake us.
 He promises He hears our prayers.
He promises to deliver.

In every book of the Bible,
every chapter,
every page,
every paragraph,
every sentence,
promises are made by our promise-keeping Father.

Pick a promise from your Daddy,
pray about it and
be patient.

No foot stompin'
or whining'
for any of us,

Cuz ya' know what?




  1. What a great reminder. Thanks for that:)

  2. My kids often choose to interpret something as a promise that was not intended as a promise - then fuss and whine when this "promise" isn't fulfilled. Using your reminder for grown-ups to have a proper waiting attitude has applications for this situation as well. God doesn't promise to give us just what we ask for, so we better be careful about fussing when we don't get it.

  3. I was just talking about this with my Midwife today as we discussed being anxious about all things surrounding birth. It's in HIS hands. Not mine.
    Thanks for the reminder today (a day when I really needed it) to not have a tantrum in my heart as I think I know the best plan... because that is not trusting in my Creator and Savior.

  4. This was fantastic! We can all relate to our children acting like that...and yes...I've seen this also in my own behavior with my Father! Thank you for the reminder that He is in control, faithful and His promises will come to His time! Thanks for sharing and blessing!

  5. Yes He is in control...and I am thankfulbfor your reminder to claim the promises of his word! I cant believe what you have been through this past year. Trials of many kinds. Thanks for what you have shared here!


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