Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What Do you Get When You Cross... old wooden ladder...

(I was so happy when my husband finally
decided he couldn't use this any more)

 ...and some old cedar stair risers?

You're never too young to learn to use tools.

But, first, you have to find the tools.

Apparently, this hammer was in the front yard.
You shouldn't be.
Don't you keep your tools in the garden?

The other hammer was in the driveway, next to the garage door.
At least it was in the vicinity of the tool bench.

Once you've located the tool,
you get a quick lesson in how to use it.

Scott offered Rebekah money
to pull all the nails out of the stair risers
so I could use them to create something special.

He taught her to straighten the nails and pound them back a little
so the heads pop through  on the other side.

Then, she flipped the board over,
used the claw,
and tugged.

Beka carefully saved the rusty nails in the Double Bubble bucket,
because I need those for another project.

She quickly mastered the skill of using the hammer.

I hope she masters the skill of putting away the hammer.
That's a fruit that doesn't hang on this family tree.

My dad might have three hammers to choose from,
now that the kids are all moved out,
but I only found two of mine this weekend.

So, what do you get when you cross
an old wooden ladder
some old cedar stair risers?

You'll have to wait and see...

...we're still creating...

But, while you're waiting,
did you know
"boards of cedar"
is actually mentioned four times in the Bible?

Yea.  Amazing.

The Lord instructed His people to use cedar boards
for the roof, the walls and the floor of the Temple.
Then, He instructed the wood to be overlaid with pure gold.

It's a beautiful picture of humanity,
that's us, cedar boards,
covered with the righteousness of Christ,
that's the pure gold.

Although I'm covered in the righteousness of Christ,
I think I'll leave my cedar risers red and chippy.

But, just wait 'til you see what they become...



  1. Can't wait to see what you are creating!!
    Thanks for commenting at my place Mindy. I am back reading around the blog-o-sphere but I don't have enough time to go back over old posts. I hope you have been keeping well. xo

  2. I have a theory....looks like fun times!


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